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Gianmario De Simone, CEO and founder of QIQI MART

Gianmario De Simone, CEO and founder of QIQI MART

Today we are together with the CEO and founder of QIQI MART, Gianmario De Simone, Italian 33 years who see in…

Best Micro Business Ideas For 2019

12 Best Micro Business Ideas That Can Make You Successful Entrepreneur In 2019

As the last digit of your calendar will be turning in to 9 soon, let’s have a look at the 12 best micro business…

Integrating Technology and Entrepreneurship

Integrating Technology and Entrepreneurship: Applications and What They Offer

At the turn of the century, when the internet started to dominate the social fabric of the globe and humanity started inevitably depending on…

Robert Lingard: A PR Pioneer in an Advertising Age

Robert Lingard: A PR Pioneer In An Advertising Age

An interesting interview with Robert Lingard who is a founder of Brand Bullets and also managing director of at Power Brand Communications. …

Alibaba singles day sales Jack Ma

Singles Day Made Alibaba A Record Setter In Online Trading

Alibaba is a platform which took form in 1999; the purpose was to make it convenient for the buyers to connect with Chinese traders…

Ana Wilson, Virtualbird

Ana Wilson, Owner of Virtualbird

We welcome Ana Wilson for having an interview with us. She is a versatile entrepreneur and running successful company “Virtual Bird” which is dedicated…

Kwame Boateng Jnr

Kwame Boateng Jnr, CEO of Laundrycheck

An exclusive interview with Kwame Boateng Jnr who is Chief Executive Officer of laundrycheck Tell us about yourself? I like to think of myself…

Ian Ng, Ceo & Founder of

Ian Ng, Ceo & Founder of

Interview with Ian Ng, Ceo & Founder of which is Malaysia #1 online health store. Ian Ng, Tell us about yourself ? I’m a massive…

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