Takeoff Siblings – Who Are Takeoff Siblings?

Takeoff Siblings

After the release of Takeoff death video by TMZ, Migos’s fans wanted to know about the Takeoff siblings. 

In the video, Takeoff’s death was recorded by an anonymous person, and the killer’s face cannot be seen in the video. 

The video shows, Quavo screaming and yelling for someone around to call for help. But, Quavo had to call himself as no one was calling for help. 

In the video, Quavo is heard asking the 911 operator what she should do. He was referring to a nurse woman trying to help Takeoff after he was shot dead. 

As per the video, it was concluded that Quavo and Takeoff fell into an argument with an unknown person over a dice game. Later, the person shot Takeoff and ran away. 

According to TMZ, Takeoff was shot either in his head or close to it. A tweet was shared, which was later retweeted, that “Rip takeoff that was sickening to see that happen to you.”

After his death video circulated over the internet, the Migos fans wanted to know about Takeoff siblings because he was raised without a father while his mother’s name is still unknown. 

Takeoff Siblings

Takeoff, whose real name is Kirshnik Khari Ball, was raised without a father, while his mother’s name is unknown. However, his mother is the sister of Quavo and Kashara

He was born on June 188, 1994, in Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States, and died at 28 years of age on Tuesday morning, November 1st, 2022.

Takeoff was raised by Quavo’s mother, Edna Marshall, and he, alongside Quavo and Offset, called her “mama.”

Although Takeoff didn’t have any siblings of his own, he lived with his cousin Offset in Quavo’s house. Takeoff grew up watching his uncle Quavo become a rapper and making the hip-hop group, Migos, so he decided to become a rapper too. 

Later, he began working as a rapper with his uncle, Quavo, and his cousin, Offset. At first, he came by his real name, but the band gave him the title of Takeoff. 

Once, Takeoff was asked about his name to which he replied that he used to do everything in one take. The group gained popularity after thor first major hit in 2013, Versace. 

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