Tammy Sorrento Highly Inspiring Personality and Business Owner

Tammy Sorrento, Highly Inspiring Personality and Business Owner

Today, we are going to hold a mic for one of the courageous investigators. Tammy Sorrento is a genius who serves as a property inspector and owns a rental investigating company.

Tammy, first, of all, tell me a little bit about yourself and your company.

Hi! My name is Tammy Sorrento. I am the owner and founder of Fireball Approves Investigations. As a rental investigator, I help to ensure that people are able to rental properties without fear of being scammed or taken advantage of. I protect people, that’s basically what we do.

Where did you get the inspiration? Why did you choose to serve as a rental investigator?  

I used to work as an insurance investigator, that laid the groundwork for what I do today. That is not what moved me to begin inspecting property scammers though. It was an incident or you can say an experience that could have turned out to be devastating made me decide to become a property investigator. Sometimes you have to go through certain experiences in order to find your true calling. Almost getting scammed was the experience that completely changed my life and sent it in a new direction.

Tammy Sorrento

Your lively thoughts are appreciated!  Tammy, in your previous statement you said it was an incident that pushed you to work as a property investigator, would you like to share what exactly happened?

Thank-you! Yes, absolutely. A few years ago, my family, along with my grandchildren, needed a break from our hectic schedules and decided to go on vacation. I was in search of a rental property in Key West, FL. and after searching the Internet I came across one of the rental properties which I loved. It seemed like the perfect place to stay on our vacation. I don’t know why, but deep down I was seeing red flags regarding the property.

After some research, I ended up finding out that the listing that was shown in the property rental was a scam. Instead of ignoring it or just getting mad and walking away, I promptly reported the crime, because that’s what it was, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The scammers had really made me mad, but I was hurt too. I could not believe that someone would try and do this to me and my family. So, that was the incident that pushed me to start my own business and encouraged me to stop these property scammers before they can accomplish their mission of scamming innocent people and taking their hard-earned money.  That’s how Fireball Approves was created.

Wow, your daring attitude is really impressive. It would be great if you spread the “Fireball Approves” mission so the world knows your company’s mission.

Sure, why not!  Fireball Approves LLC is an identity verification service for scam prevention. It’s more like a platform that saves innocent people from property tricksters. If someone is planning to rent a residence and wants to confirm the validity and authenticity of the listing then he/she can visit FireballApproves.com and we will validate the listing. We will let you know if it is a scam or if the property if Fireball Approves Investigations approves the listing.

Ok, Tammy apart from your professional life, if I ask you to share three valuable pieces of advice what it would be?

Well,  let me just say thank you for doing this interview. It’s an honor. I must say that I have learned a lot and these are the most valuable pieces of advice that I can to give all the youngsters and future stars.

1-    Never take your blessings for granted! I have seen many people who are super talented but they do not bother to bring their skills into play, instead, they just live a robotic life with no creativity and joy. Live your life to the fullest and use your talents to be successful.

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2-    Be courageous! From my past experience what I have observed is, people feel afraid to take any new step. I know change can be risky and it can also be troubling, but if one does not go for what he/she desires then you are not actually living. You are simply watching life pass you by from the sidelines.

3-    Always admire yourself! No one is perfect and we all have flaws, but the genius is the one who always manages to display the strengths wisely enough that there should be no space left to portray the weaknesses.

If I asked you to introduce Tammy Sorrento in one line, what would you say?

Describing Tammy Sorrento in one line could be quite difficult, but let me try. I believe in a simple strategy “self-worth is the only thing that makes or breaks an individual’s morale. By loving ourselves we are able to love others. And that’s who I am. Someone who loves to protect people from the evils of this world.”

Well, Tammy honestly It was an honor to talk to such an inspirational personality. In the end, would you like to reward someone with special credits or want to present a supporting role award to someone?

First, I must say a bundle of thanks to you for this interview. Much love and appreciation to you. Yes there are a few people who actually had a supporting role in my success and offered their shoulder in my hard times too.  My mother and father always believed in me and my capabilities. They always taught me to stand up for myself and that led to me being able to stand up for others. No bully, no criminal was ever going to prosper while Tammy Sorrento is around. My parents taught me that. Now my children and grandchildren always make sure to tell me how proud they are of me. They are the biggest source of encouragement for me, they are the reason I’m here today and able to pursue my dreams. I would also like to appreciate all of my clients, friends and loved ones for always supporting me. Thank-you!

Where can people find out more about Fireball Approves Investigations?

For more information or for rental verification services whether you are renting a property or you are a property owner visit FireballApproves.com. We will take care of all of your rental verification needs.


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