Ted Bundy Story: What Were The Horrific Crimes of The Serial Killer?

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was an American rapist and serial killer who is considered as one of the most notorious criminals the world witnessed in the late 20th century. Ted Bundy used to kidnap, rape and then murder young women and girls in the 1970’s.

Full name Theodore Robert Bundy, the notorious criminal was known as Ted Bundy and was born on 24th November 1946. A serial killer who also kidnapped and raped young women and girls, he terrorized the country in the 1970s.

Ted Bundy was born in Burlington, Vermont, U. S. and died almost 43 years later on 24th January 1989 in Starke, Florida. His confession came after a decade of his capture which shocked the nation.

Who was Ted Bundy?

Ted Bundy was born in Burlington, Vermont on 24th November 1946. He was said to be an intelligent individual who had a charming and articulate personality at the start. But as he progressed to his teens he showed dangerous signs.

These signs were later categorized as being those of a sadistic serial killer, which he would eventually become. He was residing in Washington, Bundy at the time. 

Until the age 18, he had already a vast collection of juvenile theft records. He would later also recall how he used to look for pornography on the streets and would act like a peeping tom in open windows.

He graduated college and looked to pursue a career in law or politics by the year 1972. His career was looking to be bright, but soon diverted course when he engaged in an activity that would alter the course of time and his path.

This would be assaulting and viciously compromising young women. His first confirmed victim would be in the year 1974.

Ted Bundy’s Victims

Ted Bundy used to prey on victims first near his home. He would target young women who would also be attractive when he was in Washington.

He then moved and continued to prey on women by portraying himself through a ruse created by him. His destinations included Utah, Colorado and Florida, and throughout he would put on different disguises.

He would have his arm in a sling or would show himself as an injured person having his leg in a cast or would employ crutches. As stated above, he already had a charming personality which he would use along with his ‘disability’ to target his victims.

He would ask for help from the girls to carry books to his car or to unload heavy objects from his car so that he could then strike them with a blunt object to knock them out. His vehicle was a 1968 tan Volkswagen Beetle. 

He would then proceed to handcuff his victims and force them in the vehicle in the passenger side. He had removed his passenger seat and stored it in his trunk or his back seat so that he would have ease when placing them in the front.

He would also disguise himself as a figure of authority and hit on women. His disguises would include being a police officer and firefighters so he could ganer trust very early and quickly. He would use the immobility of the women to force their immobility. 

How many people did Ted Bundy kill?

Ted Bundy was able to score a very high number this way. He would kidnap, rape and then murer women by strangling or hitting them on the head with a heavy object and then mutilating the corpse after expiry. 

He would also return to the corpses to take ‘trophies’ with him at home to further extract sexual gratification from his victims.

Ted Bundy confessed to a total of thirty homicides. This figure has been the topic of debate since then till date, and the true total remains a mystery. Some estimates even raise the number to more than a hundred.

Ted Bundy did no favors by putting a lid on the discussion and encouraging the numbers. The Methodist clergyman said it was his impression that Ted Bundy reviewed his victim tally to a total of thirty homicides. 

Ted Bundy’s Death – How did Ted Bundy Die?

Ted Bundy was finally executed in the electric chair. He was put to the Raiford chair at 7:16 AM EST on 24 January 1989. 

Upon his execution, it is said that a great number of people celebrated by singing, dancing and setting off fireworks in a nearby pasture during the electric chair execution. 

The said group cheered when Ted Bundy’s corpse covered under a white hearse was brought out from the prison for further cremation processes. The body was cremated in Gainesville and ashes were scattered at an undisclosed location in Cascade Range of Washington.

He wrote his terms of cremation and scattering of ashes in his will. 

The Alleged Daughter of Ted Bundy

When Ted Bundy was undergoing the Leach trial, he apparently took a cover of a hidden law in Florida stating that a marriage declaration if made in court in the presence of a judge would equal to a legal marriage. 

Bundy called Boone, the soon-to-be mother of his daughter to the stand to testify as his character witness. Boone used to smuggle drugs and money into jail for Ted Bundy along with making conjugal visits. 

While this is also not proven and there are plenty of rumors around, it is possible that the prison guards were bribed and allowed visits to Ted Bundy, which under normal circumstances would not have been granted. 

Ted Bundy’s daughter was born on 24th October 1982 and was named Rose Bundy. She is referred to by the nickname Rosa. 

Aftermath of the Marriage

There do exist family photos of Ted Bundy, Carole Ann Boone and Rose Bundy and they have also been subject to various speculations. 

When there were three years left for Bundy’s scheduled execution, the unconventional and absurd marriage came to its hypothetical end. Boone divorced Ted Bundy and left the serial murderer and Flordia for good. 

She took along with him Rose Bundy, his daughter and never was again reported to see or speak to Ted Bundy again.