The Art of Fashion Design in Video Games

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The fashion world has very little to do with the video game industry. But the reality is that these two very different worlds have always been intertwined.

And day by day they are helping each other to become better. And you now ask, How is this even possible? According to a blog post on their website, according to CyberGhost’s blog post in which designers make video games better.

So what are they. I think you do. So here is the post to keep scrolling through it. But you will have learned a lot of the myriad of different ways fashion designers make video games better by the end of it.

Character Design

Creating visual character identity in video games, fashion designers play a central role. Okay, designing an identity is about more than just putting a hat on a character. To make an original design which not only reflects the historical and cultural backdrop of the video game; but, also the personality of the character, their homeland, their history…

A great example is the outfit of warriors in a game set in a fantasy medieval period is going to be vastly different than the outfit of a game character in a more futuristic game. You know, the shit you see in a game like Assassin’s Creed. The character Kassandra sports an outfit in the real world gem of a game that screams the time and place line of the game. 

Realism And Authenticity

Over the years it has become not just more important for video games to express the cultural and timeline nuances they are built in. This makes the game more real and natural, so that users may better identify with the protagonist and be involved in the game.

This is where the fashion designers step in. They know the ins and outs better than a game developer would. So they will give their expertise to create characters and costumes, who can show the authentic, historical, cultural, and themes. If the game takes place in a time period of the Roaring Twenties, a designer has to research the prevalent clothing and accessories of that period and design flapper suits for the characters in the game.

Fashion Shows And Events

If you haven’t yet given up on attending design events, then good for you. Fashion shows and events are now being presented through video games, allowing us to merge these experiences with the real world.

Not only can you attend these events virtually, but you can also dress up your characters in the latest fashion trends and accessories, creating a dynamic, reality-based gaming experience.

This is through a collaboration between fashion designers and houses with developers to create a nexus to the real world and the virtual fashion realms.

The Fortnite game is a perfect case in point where events happen in conjunction with fashion brand partnerships in real life.

Branding And Collaboration

If for some reason you have not already given up on attending design events, then I say: GOOD for you. Now we have fashion shows and events presented to us via video games: we can do this in real life together.

Not only that, but one can also attend these events and dress characters in the latest attire and accessories, according to the prevailing fashion, hence creating a reality-dynamic experience of gaming.

That’s possible due to the collaboration between developers with ideas and fashion designers, thus connecting the real world to virtual fashion realms.

Seasonal Updates

Now, video games are all fashionable and commercialized, and stuff. Games should thus reflect the happenings of the natural world too, and for them to cease being static, this directly translates to the fact that events will often be tied to the seasons. If you are to take a video game, for example, that updates from time to time, then fashion designers might even suggest wardrobe updates for the same. They will be able to craft winter coats, swimsuits, and beachwear for the characters acted in the game.

A known life-simulation game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, has portrayed this well.

On contrast, the changing seasons contribute to different dressing options, hairstyles, accessories, and many others for the players, as depicted in the image above. This also changes with the natural world as well, and even with holidays. This helps keep the video game in line with real-world fashion as much as possible.


So, do u guys recognize fashion designers in video games? And thats just a few areas where fashion and the video game industry stand to benefit from one another.

There are many other things that will happen in the future that can affect the player’s experience much more improved than that. Those are just a few examples provided It´s all proof of it.

So be patient; video games and fashion are changing, and they are paving the way for an even more immersed and diverse future.

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