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Michael DeMasi of Centric Behavioral Health

In the multifaceted behavioral health domain, addiction treatment stands out as one of the most complex and pressing areas. 

The intricacies of running such businesses go beyond just the medical facet; they encompass strategic planning, forging alliances, and maintaining an edge in a competitive market. 

Today, we have the privilege of interviewing Mr. Michael DeMasi, the Vice President of Business Development at Centric Behavioral Health. With his vast experience and contributions to the Centric Behavioral Health team, Michael plays a pivotal role in steering the company to success. 

During this session, we’ll dive deep into understanding the business aspects of addiction treatment, discussing challenges, strategies, and the ever-evolving dynamics of this sector. 

Stay tuned as we uncover the tapestry of intricacies behind addiction treatment from a business perspective.

What role does innovation play in improving addiction treatment methodologies, and how can CEOs foster a culture of innovation within their centers?

Answer: Innovation plays an instrumental role in revolutionizing addiction treatment. At Centric, we firmly believe that to evolve and provide the best care, we must be at the forefront of novel approaches and methodologies. 

Our leadership team is unique in that many of us have personal experiences with addiction, either directly or indirectly. 

This intimate understanding fuels our desire to find better, more effective solutions for treatment.

It has driven us to invest in research, collaborate with experts in the field, and continuously challenge traditional methodologies in favor of more holistic and effective ones.

How can CEOs of addiction treatment centers develop a strong leadership team that aligns with their vision and contribute to the overall success of the center?

Answer: Building a cohesive leadership team is about more than just skill sets—it’s about shared purpose and vision. 

At Centric, our approach is to bring together individuals who, beyond their professional expertise, share a deep-rooted commitment to our mission. 

This shared journey—whether stemming from personal experiences or a profound belief in our cause—ensures that every decision we make prioritizes our patient’s health and well-being above all. 

Regular team-building exercises and leadership retreats further solidify this bond, ensuring alignment with our core vision and values.

What marketing and branding strategies are effective for promoting an addiction treatment centre’s services while maintaining ethical standards?

Answer: In an industry where trust is paramount, our branding and marketing strategies at Centric hinge on four main pillars: transparency, education, credibility, and community engagement. 

We strive for transparency in all our operations, ensuring patients and their families understand every step of the treatment process. Education is integral for our patients and the larger community—we regularly host workshops and information sessions to combat the stigmas surrounding addiction. 

Our credibility is built on the success stories of our patients and our commitment to evidence-based treatment. 

Lastly, our engagement with the local community, from sponsoring events to participating in awareness drives, helps solidify our place as a treatment center and community partner.

What strategies can CEOs implement to create a supportive and empowering work culture for staff members in addiction treatment centers?

Answer: At Centric, we recognize the profound impact a supportive work culture can have on staff morale and patient outcomes. 

We foster this environment through our mentorship programs, where seasoned professionals guide newer team members, ensuring knowledge transfer and professional growth. We also encourage an open feedback culture, hosting regular town hall sessions and maintaining anonymous feedback channels. 

This helps identify areas of improvement and celebrates successes and shared achievements. 

Furthermore, we prioritize continuous learning by providing regular training opportunities. From workshops on the latest treatment methodologies to soft skills training, we ensure our team remains at the pinnacle of their capabilities.

What measures can CEOs take to ensure compliance with ethical standards and regulations while maintaining profitability and growth?

Expanded Answer: At Centric, we’re committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical practice. 

This commitment begins with a robust compliance framework meticulously designed to meet and exceed industry regulations. 

We prioritize hiring professionals who excel in their fields and demonstrate a strong ethical compass. This ensures that our team members naturally align with our values. 

We conduct regular ethics training sessions to further this alignment, continually updating our staff on best practices, evolving regulations, and real-world scenarios to test and reinforce ethical decision-making. This comprehensive approach ensures we balance growth and steadfast adherence to industry standards and regulations.