The Guide : Jacques and Toshia Posey

The Guide Is More A Supporting Tool Than A book For Married Couples

Marriage is like planting a flower where you shower a flower with care, protection, and love for its more growth. Signing a paper never guarantees your forever togetherness it takes respect, trust, understanding, and faith to build the long lasting relationships. “As we observed that the faith and beliefs have become a rare yet atypical element in our successful marriage or business relationships so we thought that now the time has come to share the story and spread the word”- Said Jacques Posey.

On 22 February 2019 a book “The Guide” was launched by the founders of Spirit Led Jachques and Toshia Posey. This book is introduced with the motive to help couples in building their lives and relationships on the attributes of Christ. Professionally Jacques is an author, motivational speaker and coach whereas; Toshia is the writer who loves to support and direct couples to follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance and have happy yet the ever-lasting relationship with their spouses. The duet also wrote, “Spirit Led Marriage: Our Journey” from which the co-writers received massive success and decided to come up with another masterpiece.

As marked in Rollingout and VoyageATL, the duo, Jacques and Toshia evaluated that the couples who have a strong faith and preach Holy Spirit’s guidance are relatively happier in their marriage life. The Christianity Today International claims that most of the couples believe in the same opinion that God is at the center of their marriages and performing a big role in their successful and blissfully ongoing marriage life.

The actual intention of introducing Spirit Led Publishing is to spread the positivity and promote asserting meanings in publishing and to appreciate and support writers while tuning them in aspects like preparing for publication, designing, ghostwriting or promotion.

According to Jacques- We love to function with writers or helping them in molding their effective messages into different patterns of culture and genre. While in all of this suddenly me and Toshia comprehended that both of us, too, had a fantastic message which is needed to be shaped into words, as Christ has performed an essential role in the escalation and success of our loving relationship, so, without giving a second thought to our idea we started working on our plan and ended up writing “The Guide” productively.

“The Guide” is not only for married couples, basically it’s a whole set of workable pieces of advice and instructions that can be implemented to strengthen friendships, work connections, and family relationships.

In one of the statements the Toshia uttered that “to sail on the same boat, the partners are supposed to keep the balance between work-life, time management, quality time and setting priorities. This balancing part works as a pillar in marriages, you one mistake can catch out the balance and could result in a big loss. I am pleased to admit that along with Jacques, we managed to bring into piece this outstanding business and got a chance to share our story as an example of encouragement, hope, and belief, added Toshia Posey.

Dispersing “creative stories of the heart through expert publishing experts,” The Spirit Led Publishing and Printing Group aspire to allocate Christian works with eternally inflating readers. initiated through co-authors of “Spirit Led Marriage: Our Journey,” Poseys, the full-check publishing and printing business occupies the most modern technology to outline and magnify the God-given aptitude of authors.

The Posey’s marriage life took a new turn along with her thoughts; she started to count positivity in every other relationship. After, being transformed into perfect happily married life the couple decided to dedicate their life in serving couples. The Poseys love helping couples in bringing guidance of Christian through introducing the true meaning of God in the minds of couples. Spirit Led Ministry is the marriage and relationship ministry originated from the God-centered marriage of creators, Jacques and Toshia Posey with the supervision of the Holy Spirit and God at the heart of their relationship.


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