The Idol Ending Explained Reddit: Unraveling The Finale Twist 

the idol ending explained reddit

The Idol Ending Explained Reddit sheds light on the captivating finale twist that left viewers stunned and reevaluating their perceptions of the characters.

The finale of HBO’s controversial series, The Idol, has left viewers questioning what happened. 

In Episode 5, titled “Jocelyn Forever,” the true nature of the relationship between Jocelyn (played by Lily-Rose Depp) and Tedros (played by Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye) is revealed, turning the audience’s perception of the characters upside down.

At the beginning of the episode, tension is high as Jocelyn takes control and pushes Tedros away. She demonstrates her authority by ousting him from her inner circle, which leaves him feeling unraveled and out of control. 

Jocelyn takes charge

Jocelyn’s team is curious about the situation and seeks answers. Jocelyn performs when her tour promoter visits her house to discuss the upcoming tour, pretending that she has been nurturing several artists that Tedros discovered. 

She manipulates the situation to make it seem like she was always in control.

Jocelyn’s manager, Chaim appears to pay off Tedros to disappear as per Jocelyn’s instructions. However, six weeks later, Tedros reappears at Jocelyn’s concert at SoFi Stadium. 

It becomes even more puzzling when it is revealed that an artist pass is waiting for him at the venue. 

Backstage, Jocelyn reconnects with Tedros and welcomes him on stage as “the love of her life,” much to the dismay of her management team. It turns out that Jocelyn had a plan all along.

According to Lily-Rose Depp, Jocelyn’s character is calculated and strategic. She knows exactly what she wants and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. 

Depp explains that Tedros was Jocelyn’s muse, and she got what she needed from him. 

The Twist Unfolds

Creator Sam Levinson adds that throughout the season, Jocelyn was searching for inspiration and looking to push herself creatively. 

Tedros became the conduit for unlocking her creativity.

The finale takes the audience outside of Jocelyn’s home and into the real-world setting of SoFi Stadium during The Weeknd’s After Hours tour. 

The production team had limited time to shoot the scenes, as they had to work with a live audience of 70,000 people. 

Despite the nerves, Lily-Rose Depp embraced her character and delivered an unforgettable performance on stage.

So, what does the ending mean for Jocelyn and Tedros? It is revealed that Jocelyn orchestrated the entire situation, manipulating Tedros and those around her to serve her creative needs. 

She used Tedros as a source of inspiration, but he ultimately became the victim in her quest for artistic fulfillment.

The Idol ending explained Reddit thread: The final performance

The Idol ending explained Reddit thread had sparked a fascinating and comprehensive discussion dedicated to dissecting and unraveling the thought-provoking conclusion.

As the episode concludes, Jocelyn’s entourage is left confused by her decision to bring Tedros back into her life. It is clear that Jocelyn is a calculated and strategic individual who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

The final scene at the concert shows Jocelyn introducing Tedros as the “love of her life” before positioning him on stage and declaring ownership over him. 

This ending leaves the audience questioning Jocelyn’s true intentions and what lies ahead for her and Tedros.

In summary, the ending of The Idol reveals that Jocelyn was the one in control all along, manipulating Tedros and those around her to fulfill her creative ambitions. 

The episode showcases Jocelyn’s calculated nature and her willingness to go to uncomfortable places for her art. Tedros, who initially seemed like the manipulator, becomes the victim of Jocelyn’s pursuit of inspiration. 

The finale sets the stage for further intrigue and leaves the audience wondering about the consequences of Jocelyn’s actions.

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