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The Lawyer Fighting for Influencers Who Need US Work Visas — Kelly Decsy

It can be easy to think that being a social media influencer isn’t a real job, but there is more to it than meets the eye. For example, influencers help drive the economy by partnering with brands.

Then there is the simple fact that quality entertainment is a service that not everyone can provide.

That being said, influencers often struggle to obtain US work visas due to antiquated immigration criteria.

But, all hope is not lost. Kelly Decsy is an immigration attorney and influencer who works to get other influencers a work visa.

Kelly is a member of the D’Alessio Law Group—a Beverly Hills-based law firm that specializes in immigration law. She has a 99% visa approval rate for influencers that she works with. This is not only due to her understanding of immigration law, but also her understanding of what it takes to be an influencer.

Kelly Decsy

As a fashion and lifestyle influencer by night, Kelly has a firm grasp on the influencing world and what it takes to succeed. She comments:

Having a background as an influencer helps tremendously in understanding how to put the best case together to get an artist visa for influencers from any country.

I understand the business of influencers and it makes me uniquely able to make a case for an influencer and those who work in social media… 

While it may be thought that a social media influencer can work from anywhere, there is a reason why many want to work in the US. Kelly has found that influencers who obtain a US visa will, sometimes even overnight, earn three to five times more from brand deals.

Because of that, obtaining a US work visa is all the more important; yet, many influencers get turned down because US immigration law does not clearly account for social media influencers. 

Social media is still relatively new and is a, as Kelly puts it: “global phenomenon.” As a result, influencers often need legal help to navigate US immigration law and make a case for obtaining a work visa.

That is why Kelly decided to specialize in helping influencers obtain their work visas. She comments: “I truly understand the industry as an influencer myself and am working with a specialty in getting influencers and others working in social media work visas.”

She has since become an expert in the matter and has helped many influencers pursue the “American Dream.”

In the future, she plans to double down and help as many influencers as she can obtain their work visas “one smile at a time.”

All in all, Kelly Decsy has seen tremendous success in her work as an immigration attorney with a 99% visa approval rate. She has also helped spread awareness that despite the antiquated immigration laws in the US, influencers can still obtain a work visa with the right legal help. 

Being an influencer herself, Kelly has become one of the most well-suited attorneys fighting for influencers. 

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