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The Match Artist’s Secret: Facial Expression Coaching For An Online Dating Photoshoot

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The Match Artist’s Secret Facial Expression Coaching For An Online Dating Photoshoot

Have you ever attempted a photo shoot for your dating profile that ended with disastrous results? When you think your face is a sexy smolder but the picture you see gives off serial killer vibes?

And so instead, you go for an inviting smile, but you end up with a toothy grimace that would give cheetahs a run for their money? And then you start to fear you simply have no attractive angles, and you’re just generally strange looking, and that’s the reason you’ve never gotten the dating matches you’ve wanted?

We’ve all been there.  

Good news though—you are NOT ugly! You’ve just haven’t been taught how to highlight your features in a way that feels natural and inviting. Luckily, The Match Artist is here to help.

In an interview with Nick Friesen and Shane White, owners of the photography company “The Match Artist,” Nick disclosed that people generally look confident and natural… until a camera appears.

“Everyone has specific things they do with their facial muscles when they’re feeling comfortable, but when they get in front of the camera, usually all of this goes away.” 

The photographers at The Match Artist just so happen to be experts in Facial Expression Coaching. With their instruction, clients are taught how to move and position their faces to achieve the genuine look they want instead of awkwardly posed shots. They have found their techniques to be especially helpful for single guys who are struggling to get matches on online dating platforms. 

Facial Expression Coaching might entail lifting the lower eyelids a certain way to express confidence or raising one side of the mouth for a sexy smirk. They also give hints on how to avoid the chin-multiplying poses or the frozen, gaping mouth laugh that always seems like a good idea at the time. You’ll even have time to practice before your session so you can go into the shoot ready to release your new photogenic talent. 

Does this all sound uncomfortable and awkward? The Match Artist has you covered. 

Perhaps you’re thinking photoshoots are awkward regardless of training because it’s weird to pose for someone you don’t know in unfamiliar ways at an unfamiliar place. 

Fear not! Nick Friesen, Shane White, and their team of highly-trained photographers want to make you as comfortable as possible, so they have a unique approach.

They start by getting to know you—your hobbies, passions, favorite music, dating goals, and more. And then, instead of shooting in a stuffy studio, they come to you so they can capture you in your element and take shots of you doing what you love, like playing guitar or hanging out with your dog.. They know you look your best when you’re relaxed in a familiar environment, and they are willing to stay for a while (4-5 hours, actually) to make sure the photos are authentic. 

After the home shots, you’ll visit other areas around town that you frequent so you can express yourself naturally. To complete the authentic photoshoot vibe, you will even be encouraged to change outfits.

Different clothes, settings, and lighting changes help your photos look like they were taken over a number of days instead of all at once.  It will look like you are handsome and confident throughout the year, which, of course you are. 

The Match Artist is able to make a typically awkward experience into something empowering. In establishing a familiar relationship from the beginning, clients feel free to confide in their photographers and grow confident in how they look in pictures. Some clients even walk away from the session with a new friend they can relate to.

Even beyond dating, most guys walk away from the shoot feeling bolder in many other aspects of life, too. 

Working with The Match Artist is more than a photoshoot to get dates. It’s a lifestyle change, a confidence change, and an improved self image. This experience doesn’t happen with just any photographer. These guys know how to bring out your best side in a way that many photographers can’t.

In addition to a relaxed environment and relatable photographers, these guys have lived it. They achieved their personal goals and basically won in the online dating arena. Shane White and Nick Friesen both met their fiancées on dating apps.

And while meeting your soulmate online is becoming increasingly common, it’s always helpful to meet people who have been there before. You will be at ease while confiding in and expressing yourself with photographers who understand your goals and the struggles of online dating. Nick and Shane increased their matches and found what they were looking for, and they want to help you express your best self to “win” at online dating, too. 

It doesn’t stop with online dating photos.

So you get your supremely handsome photos done. Everyone is jealous and impressed and wondering what changed to make you even more confident than before. What then? Nick says the skills learned in a Match Artist photo session can extend far beyond pictures.

Learning how to emote and manipulate your face is helpful on dates (that you probably got because of your fantastic photos, if we’re being honest), during job interviews, or in general interactions with people where you want to express yourself accurately. Because let’s be honest—there’s never a good time to multiply the number of chins you have or look bewildered when you want to seem like a pro. 

So the next time you feel down because you aren’t having much luck in the online dating department, take a deep breath, give The Match Artist a call, and be confident they will help you find your own self-expression superpower that’s been there all along.