The Power of Email: How To Generate More ROI from Email in 2024?

The Power of Email How To Generate More ROI from Email in 2024

Of the various marketing channels that businesses have available to them in 2024, there are a select handful that always rise to the top. While we’re all confident and appeased by social media marketing, content marketing, and PPC ads, one phenomenal marketing stream is continuously overlooked.

Email marketing, despite being a legacy technology, is still one of the leading marketing channels by return on investment (ROI) in 2024.

In fact, studies show that email marketing offers a ROI of up to $36 for every $1 spent. Yet, email is also one of the most competitive forms of client communication.

While everyone has an email address, people are used to getting potentially hundreds of emails each day.

In order to wade through the masses, you need to ensure your email strategy is as effective as possible for 2024.

In this article, we’ll dive into the leading methods to generate more ROI from email, touching on the following strategies:

  • Structure Your Emails for Readability
  • Personalize Your Emails Where Possible
  • Add Small Touches To Set You Apart
  • Segment Your Email List

Let’s dive right in.

Structure Your Emails for Readability

The most important element that sets high ROI emails apart from those that underperform is the content of the email.

Once a customer clicks on your email, if they’re met with a wall of text, they will almost certainly click off. You want the first impression of your email to be of instant connection.

The best way to do that is to rely on visual elements like blank space, titles, headings, call to actions, and design elements to capture your audiences’ attention.

Structuring your emails for readability means that a customer should be able to understand the message of the text in the first second. To do this, start off your emails with a central title or keyword.

If you’re advertising a new product, start off with a clear picture of that product and introduce it.

If you’re telling customers about sales, start with how much they could save.

Where possible, reduce the copy of your email down.

You want to create short, sweet, and instantly readable emails. The less time it takes for a user to read your email, the more likely they are to actually read it, ingest the information, and take a further desired action.

Personalize Your Emails Where Possible

Where possible, you should endeavor to add personal touches to your emails. At the very least, this should involve using a customer’s name when you’re sending them an email.

The ability to add references to their past shops, customer behavior, or personal information will depend on your resources.

However, it’s important to note that the vast majority of customers now expect an element of personalization when interacting with a business.

By personalizing where possible, you make a special connection with your customers and show them that they’re much more than just another random individual to your business.

Making people feel special will win you business and help your company to thrive,

Add Small Touches To Set You Apart

Every single day, the average customer will receive between 100 and 120 emails. With over 100 emails from your competitors, you need to go above and beyond if you want to stand out from the crowd.

One way of setting your emails apart, beyond the styling suggestions we made earlier, is to bring an element of personality to them.

Most company emails come from faceless accounts, which don’t inspire trust in an audience and can eliminate the human element that some customers are looking for.

At the bottom of your emails, you can add an email signature that’s linked to one of your employees.

By adding in a signature, you can send out company emails from an employee’s account, making the email seem much more genuine.

You can also use the email signature to fit in lots of additional information. Beyond just personal details, you could include further marketing materials, links to case studies, or just a link to your company website to boost the authenticity of your emails. What’s more, this step is incredibly easy to do.

You can use a tool to automatically generate a new email signature in seconds and then just click to update the signature on Outlook.

From there, every email you send will have that little extra detail that customers will love.

Segment Your Email List

Another powerful way that your business can improve the ROI of email marketing is to ensure that you are segmenting your email list.

Your email list represents all of the customers that have subscribed to your email marketing channel. While these are all customers, they won’t all be exactly the same type of customers.

Some might have subscribed because they’re looking for the latest deals. Others may have subscribed because they are a long-time supporter of your business, and they simply wanted to get updates about new products.

Due to the differing motivations that push each person to sign up, you should segment your list to better accommodate each user group.

You can segment your email list based on psychographic or demographic factors. For example, if you’re a clothing brand, then segmenting based on location will allow you to recommend coats to those in colder environments and swimming costumes for those in hotter locations.

Alternatively, you can segment based on user buying preferences.

When crafting emails, create them for smaller user segments. By doing this, every single email you send out will be more aligned with the typical desires of that group.

This strategy will also help you improve the personalization of your email marketing strategy, furthering interaction and engagement.

User segmentation is a powerful way of boosting the ROI of your email marketing in 2024.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing can be an incredibly powerful way of generating profit for your business. Yet, in order to effectively generate ROI, businesses need to understand the methods that will set them apart from their competitors.

Some strategies involve complete overhauls to design or email copy. Yet, others represent small additions or modifications that can make your emails more effective than ever before.

By pulling on the strategies that we’ve outlined in this article, your business will be ready to step into 2024 with a highly refined and effective email marketing strategy. Using a range of methods, you can boost the clickability and efficacy of your emails and begin to generate more ROI. 

Over time, your emails will continuously build until you’re reaching upward and beyond that $36 ROI per $1 spent.

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