Does Thomas Cashman’s Girlfriend Regret Her Association with a Criminal?

Does Thomas Cashman's Girlfriend Regret Her Association with a Criminal

Did Thomas Cashman girlfriend know about his unforgivable crimes? 

Someone spotted Kayleeanne Sweeney, the girlfriend of child killer Thomas Cashman, leaving court wearing a pink designer coat, heels, and sunglasses after a jury found Cashman guilty of murder.

Sweeney had attended every day of the trial, showing her loyalty to her partner despite prosecutors presenting evidence of his callous and violent nature. 

Cashman was a high-level drug dealer who earned up to £250,000 a year and was willing to use a gun on anyone, as demonstrated by his senseless killing of nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel.

Sweeney made a particularly distasteful choice of clothing, as the family of the young victim wore pink in memory of their daughter.

The color pink was also used for Olivia’s coffin. Despite her partner’s heinous actions and infidelity, Sweeney stood by him until the end, attending court every day and putting on a show of loyalty. 

Thomas cashman girlfriend
Thomas Cashman girlfriend, Kayleeanne Sweeney

Her carefully curated outfit was a reminder of the financial rewards of being the lifelong partner of a criminal, earning up to £5,000 a week from drug deals.

Sweeney did not show any regret for her association with a wicked criminal and continued to support him until the jury delivered their guilty verdict. 

Her appearance in court, as she donned the pink coat, sunglasses, and handbag, starkly reminded people of the lifestyle associated with being a gangster’s partner.

The couple lived a lavish lifestyle, thanks to Cashman’s illicit earnings, which included a rented £2,000-a-month detached four-bedroom home in Liverpool, a £35,000 Land Rover Discovery Sport and a £35,000 Mercedes C220 AMG, and a luxury two-bedroom apartment in an upmarket waterside development in Cheshire. 

They also enjoyed skiing holidays, designer clothes, jewelry and watches worth up to £40,000.

Despite their impressive standard of living, Cashman and his girlfriend Kayleeanne Sweeney never married, but they did have two children together, a 14-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter. 

Kayleeanne Sweeney
Kayleeanne Sweeney

Thomas Cashman girlfriend did not know about the source of his extraordinary wealth, which was over seven times the average salary for the area. 

When the court presented evidence of Cashman’s infidelities, Sweeney still showed loyalty to him, giving no reaction to the news.

Where is Thomas Cashman girlfriend now?

People believe that since Cashman’s arrest, Sweeney and her children have returned to the council house where she grew up.

Sweeney used to work as a beautician and ran two businesses; she established the first clinic, Luxury Aesthetics by Kay, where she offered botox, microneedling, and ‘Russian’ lip fillers at several hundred pounds each.

She posted photographs of herself online, wearing a white coat with a name badge describing herself as an ‘aesthetic practitioner’. 

In April the previous year, she established a new business, renting premises in a rundown row of shops just a stone’s throw from Liverpool’s Alder Hey Hospital, where doctors pronounced Olivia dead in August 2022.

Sweeney clearly had a lot to lose when authorities arrested Cashman, as she lived a luxurious life due to his ill-gotten gains.

It is also evident that Thomas Cashman girlfriend was aware, to some extent, of his criminal activities, although he never disclosed them to her directly. 

She continued to show loyalty to him even when the court presented evidence of his infidelities, suggesting a deep emotional attachment to him.

However, with Cashman’s drug money now in the crosshairs of the police, Sweeney may have to adjust to a very different standard of living in the future. 

It is also worth noting that her obsession with beauty and her career as a beautician appear to be incongruous with the ugly reality of her former partner’s criminal activities.

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