Tiktok Surpasses Instagram And Is The Most Used Social Network

Tiktok is the app that also competes with YouTube because it makes users spend a lot of time using it. Look!

During the isolation, the use of TikTok increased so much that it became the preferred social video platform for most users. TikTok is popular among youth to young teens and not so much older people.

And although the content they offer is somewhat different, TikTok is increasingly a competitor to YouTube for the format it provides: video. During quarantine, minors spend 75 minutes a day on YouTube and 71 on TikTok. Although for now, YouTube continues to hold the first position: seven out of ten people in the US use it.

During this social isolation, internet use increased by 60% in the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) according to a study prepared by themselves.

TikTok: What The Real Cases Say?

To learn about the use that minors make of screens and how their use changed not only in the last year but also between the beginning of 2020 and the months of Covid-19. The Qustodio platform carried out its study Apps and digital natives: the new normality, which analyzes the online habits of boys between 4 and 15 years old.

The report covers the period from February 2019 to April 2020 and focuses on mobile online video applications, social networks, video games, and Education.

When analyzing the use of social networks by minors, we see that until February 2020, in the top 3 were Instagram (with 48% of followers), TikTok (with 38%), and Snapchat (24%), followed by Facebook and Pinterest.

It is nothing unusual if we take into account that, in countries like the US, one out of every two boys has an Instagram profile. However, with the Covid-19 crisis, TikTok moved to first place regarding the number of followers, leaving Instagram behind.

The time young people spend on the networks? The report details that in the last year it increased by 100%, reaching up to 200% during the quarantine months in the United States.

Among the apps in which they spend the most time, TikTok stands out, and its time of use almost doubled in just nine months.

What is observed in the report is that, in addition to the time, the consumption schedule also changed. The key time during quarantine is during the day and not in the afternoon or evening.


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