Meet Timothy Mowry, the Father of Celebrity Twin Daughters

timothy mowry

The father of celebrity American twin daughters and actresses Tamera Mowry and Tia Mowry, Timothy Mowry is a veteran and was also a first sergeant of the US Army. 

Although retired now, Timothy has had a good career in the military and retired happily from the US force. 

Due to her daughters’ success, he also has somewhat assumed a celebrity status himself too. His sons have also achieved their goals and all of the Mowry family has turned out to be successful. 

Early Life of Timothy Mowry

Timothy’s full name is Timothy John Mowry. He was born in Miami, Florida on 4th January, 1957. That makes him 65 years old today. He is of Irish descent, and is an English-American himself. 

Not much is known about his parents other than the fact that Timothy grew up in Miami with them. He attended a local high school and has refused to cite personal details regarding himself such as the school name, further education etc. 

Timothy’s father was said to be a passionate fan of sports and he exposed his son to various sports activities from an early age. This probably raised outdoor activity interest in Timothy as he is highly proficient in such sports knowledge. 

Interest in the Army

Early interest embedded from his father regarding sports led Timothy like every other American to the domain of activities and sports. He used to take part in numerous events such as college football. 

Timothy’s upbringing is said to be of a very strict and discipline focused nature. This invoked his choice to enroll in the army by first being selected on the national army team. 

Passing his physical and mental tests, he started his service with high confidence.

Timothy’s Army Tenure

He was first sergeant when he got selected in the army. He had to lead a battalion along with performing administrative tasks. As 1SG is the “father” of the team, he had to develop and look after the progress of all the soldiers coming into his command. 

After becoming a Battalion Force Leader along with also being 1SG, he retired after giving considerable years of active duty service to his country. 

Port Forces Experience

After retiring from the army giving many years of his life to the force and to the defense of his country, Timothy joined the City of Glendale Police Department. He was the custody officer in the department and finished off his career there.

Now, he is enjoying life after retirement and with his family. He participates in sports to maintain his fitness and likes to travel, too. 

Family Life

Timothy met Darlene Reeny Flowers when he was attending his high school. Little did they both know that their teenage love would blossom into something much bigger. They would marry eventually and would also join the army together. 

The young couple decided to elope at the age of 18 and married each other in 1975. Their marriage consisted of 4 children.

Darlene Renee Flowers

Timothy’s high school sweetheart was born on 25th October 1956. She worked as a security guard and after graduating from high school decided to enroll in the army. She was made a drill sergeant and served alongside Timothy. 

Darlene is of Afro-Bahamian descent. 

In Germany, the two served together and Darlene conceived twin baby girls over there. They decided to name them Tia and Tamera. 

After moving to Texas, USA in the year 1979, she decided to support her daughters and family and as a result quit her military career. 

Four Children and The End

Timothy and Darlene were together for 40 years. They had a good and healthy family life and had four children together. Two of their children are twins Tia and Tamera and the other two are sons Tahj Mowry and Tavior Mowry. 

All of the children more or less got into the entertainment industry.

Tim’s Divorce and Family Involvement

As is normal with any military man in service, he doesn’t get enough time for his family. However, Tim knew his family was important for him and he decided to actively take part in his children’s life. He even moved to the United States in order to support his daughters after retirement so that he along with Darlene could be there for them. 

His children also confirm that the family had warm ties with each other. His daughters also became the source of his fame. He is a very supportive father and has even been featured in Tia Mowry’s show.

The Divorce and Life After

Timothy and Darlene parted ways in 2015 after 40 years of marriage. But even after their marriage Timothy keeps a close relationship with Darlene. Timothy also was reported to move on and had a new girlfriend named Nana, of Asian descent. 

Timothy now enjoys retirement life, often traveling and spending time with his family. 

Darlene on the other hand has been single since then and has not been reported to be involved in any relationship. She is also enjoying her time with her children and grandchildren. 

Timothy Mowry’s Net Worth

Timothy’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. This comprises his annual pension which he receives from his service to the army. He has mostly since then taken whatever he has from his daughters’ tenure and any leverage as a result of their career. 

Bi-Raical Family and Marriage Pattern

There have been some rumors and news regarding comments on the biracial pattern of marriage in the family. Since the couple were in the army, it is highly doubtful that they had a problem there. 

The family of six were a warm and happy family and they moved beyond what race and ethnicity entailed. Tamera Mowry in her interviews has said that they never saw their family as any different, although she herself received plenty of negatives when she married Los Angeles correspondent for Fox News, Adam Housley. 

She became heartbroken upon hearing such slants and also said her twin sister married a black guy and perhaps she was a real black woman. But the family has endured and has moved past all the bi-racial hurdles. 

Timothy Mowry as a Role Model

His daughters have revealed that their source of strength is their dad. They also describe their family as closely knit and religious. This surely makes Timothy an ideal father and a role model for his children and grandchildren. 

A father of four and a grandfather to three, he has disciplined and raised his family to be an ideal set of people. He has taught them to persevere and to work hard for every task at hand.