TimTab: Co-Parenting Made Easier

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Divorce, or separation, becomes 10x harder when there are kids involved. The biggest dilemma that parents usually face while separating is setting a co-parenting schedule. ‘Who will pick up the kids from school, who will take them to football practice’, these are just some of the questions that both parents have to think through and mutually decide on. If both parents are working, then it becomes more difficult to come up with something that suits both of them, as well as the kids.

But worry not, because TimTab brings the perfect solution. Whether you are planning to separate or have separated already, we’re here to help!

About TimTab:

TimTab is a digital platform that provides digital tools that help individuals co-parent their kids. The platform gives the world’s best timetable, planning and mediation software.

TimTab’s digital tools consist of the Easy Communication Plan and Schedule Creator.

Timtab co parenting

As the name suggests, the Easy Communication Plan is a tool that makes communication easier by helping you avoid all possible conflicts. By giving a certain set of rules that the parents can follow, the application ensures both parties communicate with each other in a controlled manner. For instance, the first rule is that all communication should be written and not verbal – this way, you can easily hold the other parent accountable for any wrong action.

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Here’s how it works: you enter all the information related to your parenting situation, including the ages of your kids and their activities, the travel time between both parents’ homes and school, and your free slots. Based on that information, Timtab automatically generates an optimal parenting schedule (which can be weekly, fortnightly, tri-weekly or monthly).

So for example, if the child(ren) have football or any other sports practice on weekends and one parent lives closer to the academy than the other, then the children will stay with the closer parent over the weekend, and with the distant parent on weekdays. Moreover, if you have any meetings or events during your care slot, you can enter that too so that the app will adjust the schedule accordingly.

Benefits of Using Timtab:

So what are the benefits of using TimTab? TimTab is one of its kind application that has made co-parenting a lot easier. Here are some of the benefits of using this app:

  • It is extremely easy to use. You do not necessarily have to be tech-savvy to use it
  • Ensures that there is a proper communication channel between both the parents through the Easy Communication Plan
  • Helps avoid unnecessary drama by controlling communication, and generally move on with your life without your ex-partner constantly nudging you
  • Saves time by quickly making a care schedule on your behalf
  • Helps avoid all possible conflicts that may arise by dealing with them beforehand

The best part? It’s completely free for now, so you must not miss out on it. Visit their website and register now!