TJ Holmes Children – How Many Kids Does Good Morning America Anchor Have?

TJ Holmes Children

It’s been quite a year for Good Morning America anchor T.J. Holmes. In addition to his successful career as a T.V. host, he’s also a dad of three. 

The T.V. host welcomed two children, named Jaiden and Brianna, with his first wife, Amy Ferson. He and his second wife, Marilee Fiebig, share a child together, a daughter named Sabine. 

Recently, there have been rumors that Holmes is dating his GMA co-host Amy Robach. However, he has not confirmed or denied these rumors. 

For now, it seems like he’s focusing on his career and being a father to his three children. With co-host Amy Robach, find out about his family amid dating speculation.

Who Are T.J. Holmes’ Children? 

In 2007, T.J. divorced his first spouse. Throughout their union, he became a father of two, which he frequently discussed during his broadcasts. 

When he married Marilee, his second wife, in 2010, the former CNN correspondent discovered love once more. In January 2013, their daughter Sabine was born.

T.J. told Essence, a few months after his youngest kid’s birth, that “fatherhood is amazing.” He also discussed how having a newborn at home made his daily routine slightly different.

“She has to breastfeed, so I probably change more diapers than she does, the newscaster explained. “I, therefore, do what I can and change the diapers.”

T.J. continued by saying that his youngest daughter helped him remember “what’s essential” and kept him “grounded.” 

One of the few family-related posts he made on social media throughout the years was a clip of him fixing Sabine’s hair in June 2020 on his since-deleted Instagram account.

He added in the video, “If you see all this stuff, and it is thick, and it is curly, and it’s all this, you need to know what you’re doing. As she has gotten older, I am, I’m pretty much 100% responsible for the hair.”

The native of Arkansas revealed that he would enquire about celebrities’ haircuts on the red carpet and try to imitate the looks of his daughter at home.

It’s one thing to see a father-daughter relationship, but it’s also to really challenge what many people think the role of a dad and a mom in the home is meant to be,” he said.

T.J.’s Current Relationship Status

T.J. and Amy were frequently seen hanging out in photos taken in November 2022. The couple may be seen traveling together to the Shawangunk Mountains outside of New York City in photos obtained by the Daily Mail. 

Amy has subsequently been pictured without her wedding band, though neither party has made it clear whether they are just close friends or if they are dating.

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