Tom Browning Cause Of Death – How Did He Die?

Tom Browning Cause Of Death

Sadly, Tom Browning passed away on Monday at his home in Union, Kentucky.

The former pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds was only 62 when deputies arrived and found him unresponsive and not breathing. 

Despite the attempts of both deputies and EMS personnel to revive him, he was sadly pronounced dead at 1:13 pm. 

What makes this event even more unfortunate is that no evidence of wrongdoing was believed to be involved according to a news release from the sheriff’s office of Boone County.

Tom will now be fondly remembered as “Mr. Perfect” by those who knew him and followed his storied career in professional baseball.

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office tweeted about Browning’s passing and stated that he passed away at his Union, Kentucky, residence. The reason wasn’t stated.

Death statement

The entire Reds family was stunned by the news as they had affectionately referred to him as ‘Mr. Perfect.’

During his days with the team, fans quickly came to love him, and he continued a special relationship with them even after his playing days were done.

He was frequently seen at Reds’ team events, Hall of Fame festivities, and charity activities through the Reds Community Fund.

It is with heavy hearts that fans mourn the loss of one of their own who was able to create so many memorable moments for us all.

Tom’s wife’s death 

The year 2022 was indeed a rough year for Tom.

In March, Tom’s wife, Deborah Browning, died at 61. They had been married since 1986. 

She was also the mother to his children: Tiffany, Tanner, Tucker, Trevor, and Tianna.

Tom was famously known for sneaking out of the 1990 World Series to drive Deborah to the hospital to give birth to Tucker.

Life Overview

Tom Browning was a remarkable pitcher who made history when he achieved the twelfth perfect game in baseball history while playing for the Cincinnati Reds against the Los Angeles Dodgers on September 16, 1988. 

His pitching skills enabled him and his team to win the World Series in 1990 and he is also an author of a book, Tales from the Reds Dugout.  

Browning was also known for his eccentric personality, such as once running away from his Wrigley Field bullpen dressed in full Cincinnati gear and sitting among Chicago Cubs supporters on a rooftop across the street. 

He truly captured people’s hearts with his extraordinary character as well as exceptional talents throughout his 12-year career in Major League Baseball with both the Rangers and Royals.

The Cincinnati Enquirer said he received a $500 punishment for pulling that prank.

His most incredible pitching performance was a 1-0 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers at Riverfront Stadium on September 16, 1988, when he retired all 27 of the opposing batters he faced.


The Cincinnati Reds will remember pitcher Tom Browning on Tuesday during their radio show.