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Tom Holland saved Spider-Man from Corporate Fallout by a Drunken Emotional Phone Call

Tom Holland, a guy who rose to fame by performing the character of spider man in Marvel Cinematic Universe might have saved spider man from fading into smoke due to his emotional attachment with the character. How he saved spiderman? In a nutshell, Spiderman is owned by Sony and excelled by Disney through Marvel Studios. Both the corporation had public fallout with each other in August 2019 in which they parted their paths by eliminating the chances of working together to create more Spiderman movies. However, fans outrage coupled with a drunken call by Tom Holland to CEO of Disney Bob Iger paved the way for both corporations to come on terms with each other in October 2019. Here is what happened behind the scenes when everyone was too busy watching Spiderman doing heroic deeds.

Character of Spiderman:

The character of Spiderman was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and was introduced in a comic book “Amazing Fantasy” # 15 in the year of 1962 when the demand for comic books was on the rise and the world need a hero that can fight crime in the dark streets.

Spiderman at Sony:

In the year of 1999, Sony managed to acquire the rights of Spiderman at the right moment. It was the year before the superhero stuff got hit in Hollywood. Next year, after the success X-Men, superhero movies were back in business in Hollywood and Spiderman came in the spotlight. During the 2000s Sony studio released three Spiderman movies, and then went on to release two more in 2012 and 2014. However, the success of Spiderman was being dwarfed by Marvel Superhero movies.

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Spiderman at Marvel:

In 2015, Marvel tried to take back Spiderman from Sony. However, Spiderman was too lucrative for Sony to let it go. Hence, both the cooperation managed to find a middle way path in which Sony owns the rights of Spiderman but Marvel started to handle the creative side of Spiderman by making more movies of Spiderman. It was a way to tap the full potential of Spiderman. Movies like Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, Spiderman Homecoming and Far From Home were the successful depiction of this arrangement between both studios.

The August Fallout between Sony and Marvel

In August 2019, both companies went against each other due to profit sharing and other issues. This led to a public spat in which Spiderman suffered the most. It was during an event when all Marvel Superheroes were present and Tom Holland was sidelined due to the above issues when Tom Holland got the email of Disney CEO Bob Iger and emailed him right away. He replied instantly that he will contact him soon. After a couple of days, Bob Iger called Tom Holland when he was with family in a pub and drunk. He attended the call but his drinks helped him too openly express his emotions by even crying. This paved the way to renegotiations and ultimately saving of Spiderman in Marvel Spiderman Universe by drunken Tom Holland.


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