Tom Segura Dunk Video: A Terrifying Incident Captured Live

tom segura dunk video

The search for Tom Segura dunk video ends in disappointment, as YouTube has deemed it too “graphic” for its platform. 

Meanwhile, Tom’s latest Netflix special, “Sledgehammer,” delves into various aspects of his life, including the harrowing accident he experienced during a friendly basketball game with Bert Kreischer.

Tom’s Netflix special, “Sledgehammer,” not only delves into a distressing incident but also showcases a delightful and intriguing glimpse into his life. 

Released on July 4, this special has received overwhelming praise from fans and critics, who consider it one of Tom’s most remarkable performances to date.

Despite the warning, some Twitter users are still sharing the video in 2023.

The viral Tom Segura dunk video captures Tom’s attempt at a dunk, resulting in a slip and a devastating fall onto his left arm. Writhing in pain on the floor, he remains motionless while Bert Kreischer’s concerned voice echoes in the background, asking if he’s okay.

The Severe Impact and Recovery

TMZ reported that Tom’s fall necessitated a nerve transfer procedure to address the severity of his injury. 

His Instagram features an X-ray image displaying the two breaks in his arm bone. 

During an appearance on Pardon My Take, Tom disclosed the challenges he faced, including relying on nurses for assistance in the hospital due to his immobilized arm.

Even the attending doctor couldn’t bear to watch the video of Tom’s fall more than once. 

Tom shared the footage with the medical staff treating him, who was present during the filming of their basketball stunts. 

However, the doctor’s response was an immediate and resounding “Oh!” followed by a firm declaration of not wanting to see it again.

YouTube’s Guidelines and Removal of the Tom Segura Drunk Video

Unsurprisingly, YouTube’s guidelines do not permit the inclusion of such graphic content on its platform. 

Searching for the video yields a message stating that it has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on violent or graphic content.

Tom Segura’s Impactful World Tour

Tom’s world tour, aptly named “I’m Coming Everywhere,” was a monumental success that showcased his comedic genius to an astounding 700,000 fans over the span of 21 months. 

The tour left audiences in stitches and solidified Tom Segura’s position as a beloved and influential figure in the comedy industry.

With each performance, Tom demonstrated his remarkable ability to connect with people from all walks of life. 

His unique blend of wit, storytelling, and relatable humor resonated deeply with fans around the globe. 

From sold-out arenas to intimate comedy clubs, Tom’s infectious energy and genuine charm created an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

“I’m Coming Everywhere” became a cultural phenomenon, with fans eagerly awaiting each new tour date announcement. 

As the tour came to a close, the overwhelming success and positive reception further propelled Tom Segura’s career to new heights. 

Fans eagerly anticipated his next venture, eagerly awaiting the release of his Netflix special, “Sledgehammer,” which promised to be another comedic masterpiece.

Through his world tour and subsequent projects, Tom Segura continues to leave an indelible mark on the comedy landscape. 

Tom Segura’s comedic legacy is firmly established, and fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his illustrious career.


While the search for Tom Segura’s dunk video may prove fruitless, its graphic nature continues to circulate on social media platforms. 

Despite this setback, Tom’s Netflix special, “Sledgehammer,” has captivated audiences and reaffirmed his comedic prowess. 

With his resilient spirit and storytelling abilities, Tom Segura remains a prominent and cherished comedian.

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