Who Are Tony Evans Kids & Where Are They Now? 

Tony Evans Kids

Tony Evan’s kids are successful in their own right and have pursued careers related to their interests. T. Evans is known for his spiritual guidance and his role as a dedicated father. 

His marriage to Lois Irene Evans blessed them with four children: Chrystal Hurst, Priscilla Shirer, Anthony T. Evans Jr., and Jonathan Evans. 

Together, they have succeeded in raising a family deeply rooted in Christian values.

Their eldest daughter, Chrystal Hurst, has made her mark as an author and speaker, embodying the teachings of her parents in her work. 

Priscilla Shirer, their second daughter, has also made a significant impact as a renowned author, actress, and speaker. 

Their sons, Anthony T. Evans Jr. and Jonathan Evans have followed in their father’s footsteps, serving as pastors and continuing to spread their family’s faith.

In addition to being parents, Tony and Lois are also proud grandparents to 13 grandchildren and great-grandparents to four great-grandchildren. 

Tony Evans has authored several resources for parents, including “Raising Kingdom Kids,” which emphasises the roles and responsibilities of parents in raising children who follow God.

The Evans family has a  strong faith and commitment to Christian values.

What profession Tony Evans’ sons are pursuing?

Tony Evan’s first son, Anthony Evans Jr., is a successful contemporary Christian music artist. Anthony gained fame after participating in “The Voice” during its second season. 

Anthony now records his music and is a famous musician in his own right.

Meanwhile, Tony Evan’s youngest son, Jonathan Evans, is a former professional football player who played fullback in the National Football League. 

After retiring from football, Jonathan started to impact the lives of athletes, men, and young adults by teaching them about faith and the glory of God.

What profession Tony Evans’ daughter is pursuing pursue?

Tony Evans’ eldest daughter, Chrystal Hurst, is a gifted writer, speaker, and worship leader, serving as a beacon of inspiration through her deep faith. 

Her impactful book, “Kingdom Woman,” delves into the transformative potential of women through God’s grace.

Chrystal guides women on a path to unlock their full potential in its pages, offering spiritual insights and practical wisdom. 

Her compelling speeches and music as a worship leader further amplify her message, motivating others to live purposeful lives. 

Chrystal Hurst’s talents and devotion inspire countless people to embrace their faith and reach their potential as empowered and faithful Kingdom Women.

What is the bond between Tony Evans and his kids?

Evans has always been a devoted father committed to his children’s spiritual and personal growth. 

He has built a strong bond with his kids through their shared faith in God. Evans is known to have coached his children through sports, academics, and life’s challenges.

Tony Evans kids have credited him for being a great example of staying committed to God and pursuing their dreams.

Furthermore, he has always found ways to keep his family together. He has taken his kids on mission trips and prayed together with them. 

They have also supported each other through thick and thin, especially after the death of their mother, Lois Irene Evans.

Tony Evans married life with his late wife

Tony Evans and Lois Irene Evans started their marital journey together in 1972, a union that was more than just a marriage, but a partnership in faith and service. 

They brought four children into the world, each of whom has carved their path to success, deeply influenced by their parents’ values and teachings.

Evans often expressed deep admiration and respect for his wife, acknowledging her significant role in shaping his ministry and their family.

Their children also cherished their mother’s love, guidance, and strength, maintaining a close-knit relationship with both parents.

However, in December 2019, the Evans family suffered a profound loss when he passed away. 

Tony and Lois co-founded The Urban Alternative, a Christian radio broadcast that has touched millions of lives across over a hundred countries. 

Her impact on this initiative and her family remains evident even in her absence.

What happened to Tony Evans’ wife?

Lois Irene Evans died at 70 in December 2019 after battling gallbladder cancer. 

Tony Evans announced her death by saying that Lois fought a gallant battle against her cancer but moved into eternity to be with God.