Daniel Mangena

Daniel Mangena: Helping People Discover Their True Purpose In Life

For most of us, life is like a race. Since childhood, we are taught to strive for top-level education and get the perfect job…

M. Curtis McCoy

M. Curtis McCoy: An Influencer Who’s Helping Individuals Share Their Story With The World

Major corporations spend BILLIONs of dollars on advertising. Reaching a massive audience is a key factor for success. Many talented individuals never get a…

5 Tips How To Motivate Yourself

There are five theories in psychology that explain the fundamentals of motivation: Instinct theory Drive theory of motivation Arousal theory of motivation Humanistic theory …

7 powerful techniques to boost yourself confidence

7 powerful techniques to boost yourself confidence

The Meaning of self-confidence is different for every individual and its embracement power also varies from person to person but the benefits and peace…

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