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California To Reopen Shopping Marts Offices And Restaurants

The Governor of the state of California ‘Gavin Newson’ reported that decision to reopen the state has been made. The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom,…

Consumer Price Index

Consumer Price Index: Inflation In The US Fell To 0.8%, The Lowest Since 2008

The economic paralysis caused by the coronavirus in April led to the largest monthly drop in the consumer price index in the United States…

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Will Give Away 100000 Plane Tickets To Health Professionals

The Qatar Airways will be giving free air tickets through a draw that begins this Monday and will end on May 18. As part of…

Becky Lynch’s Pregnancy A Surprising Twist In WWE Show

Becky Lynch’s Pregnancy: A Surprising Twist In WWE Show

In a surprise announcement, Becky Lynch informed that she must ‘pause’ her career, and leave her title because she is pregnant. Becky Lynch had broken…

Elon Musk

Elon Musk exploits and threatens to get Tesla out of California

Elon Musk has just unleashed a small war against the California government. It is specifically against Alameda County, which is where Tesla currently has…

Amazon Prime Video

This Is How You Can Rent A Movie On Amazon Prime Video

We will explain how to buy or rent movies on Amazon Prime Video, the streaming service with which Amazon competes with Netflix or…

Apple Watch

The Story Of The Apple Watch That Managed To Survive 9 Months At The Bottom Of A Lake

What would you do if your 24-Carat-Gold Apple Watch falls to the bottom of a lake? You would probably do your best to rescue…


Unemployment in the US hits poor and less educated people with brutal force

Record gains in job growth and historically low unemployment in the US economy were hit by the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The…

Disney Springs Announces Reopening in Orlando

Disney Springs Announces Reopening in Orlando, Florida After Closure Due to the Coronavirus

Disney Springs announces reopening in Orlando, Florida after closure due to the coronavirus Disney Springs, the shopping and entertainment complex at Walt Disney World Resort…

What Can Lead Uber To Fire A Big Number Of Employees

What Can Lead Uber To Fire A Big Number Of Employees?

As reported by Forbes, the coronavirus pandemic hit the passenger transport company Uber hard, globally its trips are reduced by around 80%. However, it seeks…

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