Young Entrepreneurs

Read the stories and exclusive content related to young entrepreneurs around the world. Under this section, You will explore how teenage people are becoming entrepreneurs, their smart strategies and advice. Vizaca also conducts entrepreneur interviews and provide exposure to emerging talent worldwide. Our team of contributors finds and investigates business progress before getting them published on our website.


Young Star Jesse Neo Successful Turned His Passion

How The Young Star Jesse Neo Successful Turned His Passion Into A Venture

There’s no doubt that our early 20s are the most important years of our lives. Most of us spend these years trying to figure…

Alessandro Concas

Like Mother, Like Son: Meet The 10-Year-Old Budding Entrepreneur Alessandro Concas, Son of Oksana Kolesnikova

If you interview hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, one of the recurring themes that you will observe is that a majority of them started out…

Rishab Bhatt A Young Entrepreneur

Rishab Bhatt – A Young Entrepreneur & Software Engineer

Rishab Bhatt has been developing apps and websites since he was 10 years old. His first significant website was a text and file-sharing website,…

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