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Trends In Business Innovations: Impact On Businesses With The Current Crisis Has Become More Necessary

Business Innovations

Hence, some purposeful innovation initiatives have emerged as urgent and practical solutions to combat the health crisis, and then its consequences in all spheres, from economic to social.

Business Innovation: Digital Schools And Education In Values

One of the main consequences of this confinement has been the compulsory adaptation of education, and schools in general around the world to digital reality. Some were prepared, but many others have been caught by surprise and poorly prepared.

Only 52% of schools in the United States have an effective online platform to support teaching.

Likewise, the importance of focusing part of future educational plans on subjects related to the development of social, emotional, and business skills has been put into perspective.

Business Innovations: Real Food And Ethical Distribution

Initiatives to support local trade have been a growing trend in recent weeks, highlighting the vulnerability of an ecosystem with few means and impact.

All those proposals that have focused on proposing innovative solutions to support disadvantaged groups such as farmers, producers, or rural workers have highlighted important shortcomings and the need to strengthen economically.

Business Innovations: Smart Cities And Sustainable Transport

While questions are raised about the future of public transportation, there are encouraging signs. On the one hand, the environmental benefits generated by the closings could put pressure on the sector and institutions to promote and regulate sustainable movements in the next phase.

Companies that redesign public transport will need to update our streets to maintain social distancing and mobilize airports to guarantee health exams will see an increase in demand.

Likewise, startups are shaping the future of urban planning and our homes to make them safer, more efficient, and inclusive.

Business Innovations: Digital Well-Being And Culture Behind The Screen

If during the confinement, the creative industries have been fundamental to make the long hours at home more bearable; the paradox they have suffered is a strong economic disaster.

A multitude of canceled cultural events, closed institutions, suspended community cultural practices has put these companies in an unprecedented situation.

As a consequence, many of them will have to rethink the business model if they want to continue being profitable in the new reality.

Business Innovations: Work From Home And Productivity

With millions of people working from home during the state of alarm, the crisis has forced a global experiment to definitively demonstrate whether teleworking works or not.

Trust, productivity, and corporate culture have been fundamental concepts for its good progress and that many have yet to implement.

Also in the workplace, hard times are looming, with the closure of thousands of companies and the consequent destruction of jobs. Some will see in its new business opportunities and a way of generating a new business ecosystem.

Business Innovations: Solidarity And Business Models With Purpose

Entrepreneurs from all over the world have begun to be aware that the great inequality gaps that exist in society do not favor anyone, hence the emergence of new business models are based on solidarity and inclusion.

Business Innovations: Biotechnology, Health, And Safety

When it comes to health emergencies, thousands of initiatives have been born around the world to support health platforms, the development of vaccines, and the manufacture of sanitary equipment or achieve a faster diagnosis. But other shortcomings have also been revealed.

For example, a sector such as healthcare, which has suffered a brutal impact, is forced to rethink its entire operational structure while living in uncertainty. Something the facility management industry will have to say in this regard.

Already in the workplace, one of the challenges is the approach of companies and large infrastructures of the reinstatement of employees to facilities, guaranteeing their safety, and minimizing the risk of contagion.

Another impact of this crisis has been that most of us have stopped seeing cybersecurity as a problem that only concerns companies to see it as something close and that affects anyone in an increasingly interconnected world.

Business Innovations: Sustainability And Environmental Awareness

No crisis was necessary to know that we had to face a global change to mitigate the great environmental damage.

In recent years we have witnessed an evolution of collective consciousness after repeated scandals and tragedies related to unsustainable and unethical manufacturing and production practices.

Industries such as fashion, food production, and energy companies from all sectors are looking for answers to this challenge and are trying to adapt their corporate messages. Moreover, they are making strategic decisions to position themselves in this area, and more importantly, they will follow it for sure.

Business Innovations: Multipurpose Platforms And Marketplaces

One of the immediate effects of the pandemic with a long-term impact is this path towards digitization and the acceleration of the Internet economy. It is the ultimate test for e-commerce and the rise of platforms that aim to meet the needs of consumers and the inter-sectoral collaboration of service providers.

The Internet is now the most efficient door to support and collaborate with your neighbors as well as with industry partners.

Business Innovations: The Promised Land

Now that many bank branches have been closed with quarantine, it seems easier to understand the problems that still exist in many countries due to the absence of banking services.

This represents a major challenge for new businesses moving in the Fintech environment with simple, transparent, and uncompromising financial solutions.