Trevon Diggs Dating Joie Chavis: NFL Star Confirms Relationship After Ex’s Criticism

Trevon Diggs Girlfriend joie chavis

Along with the anticipation of an exciting upcoming match between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Dallas Cowboys, fans have discovered a love connection between Trevon Diggs and Joie Chavis. 

Months after his ex-girlfriend, Yasmin Lopez criticized her, Joie quietly confirmed their relationship through a series of Instagram posts. Aside from impressing off the field, Trevon is also making strides in the NFL. 

After being drafted to step up for the Cowboys in 2020, he often appears on the 33rd Team where he holds nothing back when talking about off-field topics as well as his opponents. 

As his team gears up to face the Jaguars during Week 15 game day, Trevon remains confident and motivated to strive for success on both sides of the field.

Trevon Diggs, an up-and-coming star in the NFL, recently signed for the Jacksonville Jaguars and has been drawing lots of attention for his ability on the court. 

Diggs has praised the Jaguars citing their youth, talent, and cohesive playstyle. Furthermore, he highlighted that he particularly admired quarterback Trevor Lawrence who is said to be developing well and maturing in every facet of his career. 

While Trevon’s success has brought accolades and admiration, it has recently been overshadowed by allegations against him concerning American model Joie Chavis, who was reported to have pursued a romantic relationship with him without his ex-girlfriend Yasmin Lopez’s consent.

Joie Chavis has had a string of high-profile romantic relationships that have ended in disaster. 

Most recently, she became involved with Trevon Diggs, an NFL cornerback. Rumors first began to swirl when his ex-girlfriend alleged she had been unfaithful and cheating on her previous partner, rapper Bow Wow, while they were still together. 

Joie Chavis seemingly confirmed their relationship on social media in the months since then when she posted a picture together.

However, instead of these two settling into a happy and healthy partnership, it seems highly likely that this too will end in disappointment judging by their pasts. 

This incompatibility often leads to nothing but heartache for the individuals involved and could result in Joie ending up as yet another statistic, just another baby mama took advantage of by one of her former loves.

Joie’s choice of clothing at the football game seemed to further fuel the speculation surrounding her relationship with Trevon. 

Wearing a blue jacket, cinch-up black pants, and black boots—in addition to her cup bearing a picture of Trevon—created an interesting impression that clearly indicated her allegiance.

On a deeper level, her farewell post spoke volumes, as she declared that “all the rules are bogus,” and encouraged others to do what made them happy.

It was an empowering thing for Joie to post on social media in light of the spotlight being placed upon her actions, and it indicated that she had no intention of backing down from living life the way she chose and encouraging those around her to do the same.

About the previous relationship

Despite the short courtship, this couple welcomed a son into the world in August 2021. Though their romance has since ended, during its tenure it gained popularity due to Yasmine’s claims of a relationship with Carmelo Anthony following his split from LaLa Anthony. 

The Charlotte-based model also made headlines when she took to Instagram to publicly express her displeasure with Trevon Diggs recovering a high-value item he had above given her as a gift during their relationship: an Audemars Piguet watch with an approximate worth of $150,000. While their story may not have resulted in marital bliss, it has definitely caught the attention of onlookers across the country.

“Lol my Ex, a batch N*a took my AP cause I don’t want to be with him”, she wrote. How fckin lame, @maseratipizzo. Wassup with the Indian givers????? Bro if a girl doesn’t want to be with you now all of a sudden, you all want to take it back? Whyyyyyy you all buy it in the first place? It’s right though. Watch how I go up on this fckin bum!!!!! By the way, I paid 1/2 of it. But it’s cool Im pushing P.”

About Joie Chavis

Joie Chavis was born in Torrance, California on September 27, 1988, and made her name known at an early age. 

Joie began her career as a model, appearing in music videos and social media outlets before becoming a fashion entrepreneur with the launch of Affame Couture, a clothing line notable for its diverse aesthetic.

In 2008, her profile rose significantly when she began dating American rapper Bow Wow. 

Joie has since marked her place in the entertainment industry both as a businesswoman and an influencer, amassing millions of followers on social media platforms such as Instagram, where she is well-known for displaying fashionable looks periodically. 

Her commitment to innovation, passion for setting trends, and advocating self-empowerment have enabled her to continue garnering recognition while inspiring others.

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