Tyler Edwards Obituary: Comstock High School Mourns After His Death

Tyler Edwards Obituary

This article contains the details of Tyler Edwards’s obituary. It was reported that the Comstock Park High School coach passed away recently. 

The Comstock high school’s students feel that there are fewer sounds of a basketball bouncing as their coach passed away due to a tragic death. 

Let’s discuss the details of Tyler Edwards’s obituary. 

Tyler Edward’s obituary details

According to sources, Tyler Edwards passed away at the age of 27 on Monday. Tyler’s students and friends said their first word, “shock,” when they heard the news about his death. 

The players who only spent a year under the coaching of Edwards said that his passing had greatly impacted their lives. After hearing the news of his death, some players said that it didn’t make any sense. 

Donovan Cummings, shooting guard, said it is sometimes difficult to be emotional. He added, “It’s just a shocking experience I never thought would happen.”

Easton Hood said, “It’s just weird that he’s not here watching us make those baskets.”

Out of seven players, Cummings and Hood are the ones that came back to the gym after hearing Tyler’s death news. In their statement, they said that Tyler’s voice echoes around the walls.

Point guard Nate Schab said that Tyler wanted to show them that teamwork strengthens the team. He added, “This is what he would want for us to stay together, stay talking, stay positive and carry on what he gave to us.” 

Edwards’s players said that during their interaction with him, they would be taught lessons of positivity. According to his players, Tyler had the brightest smile that they’d ever seen. 

Due to his positivity lessons, his girlfriend, Kayla Brooks, has been coping after his death. She shared her feelings after his death and said that she was shattered. 

She said that her boyfriend was an amazing personality and touched everyone’s heart with his interaction. Kayla added that people in high school shared posts about Tyler after his death. 

In their post, people from high school said, “I know I haven’t talked to you in a while. But you helped me through this time in my life. And you were there for me at this moment. And people from college and parents and his players and his family.”

It was confirmed that Tyler was associated with the Panthers for a year. Per his players, that year was not aiming toward win or loss but focused on growth and creating a better perception of life. 

The shooting guard Andrew Commeret discussed in his statement the reasons why the team loved Edwards. He said that they all loved and admired him for the little things he would do. 

He added that these little things helped make their days better. He said that when he was walking in the field for practice with headphones, Tyler asked him which song he was listening to. 

Senior small forward Warren Cody said that Tyler didn’t care if they won by 20 or lost by 20. After the game, Tyler would come to see whether his players were okay. He explained what Edwards told him and said that Tyler told him, “don’t chase happiness but chase peace.” 

The district has expressed its condolences after the death of Tyler Edwards. Comstock Park high school has scheduled its classes to resume next week.

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