Ummah Interactive application for muslims

Ummah, A Muslim app, Assisting Muslims in Showering Their Souls With The Blessings of Ramadan 2019

Since the blessed month is here are all Muslim brothers are keenly engaging their souls with the good deeds and rejuvenating their love for their beautiful religion.

Through many ways’ technology is catering to the needs of people and so the new Ummah is. As there are numerous Muslim mobile apps that assist Muslims through offering and helping the fellows in learning more about Islam. But it has been observed that most of the apps only offer specific services whereas Ummah, the only newly launched app has multiple features and options to cater to our Muslim brothers.

ummah muslim app

Basically, Ummah is the complete suite of sanctification in this peaceful yet blessed month, the month of Ramadan. It’s one of the precious gifts that Muslims designed to dedicate their Muslim brothers and to help them in creating a spiritually strong bond with the religion.

What is the concept of Ummah? How it is serving Muslims in uplifting their souls, In Ramadan 2019?

The concept of logo and name of the app is based on a single word “United” which means unity. The significant meaning refers to the strong bond of the nation. Whereas the logo justifies the concept of the word. The letter U made with slightly curvy edges and a shopping bag shows the message of an infinite connecting loop. The impression is to pull our Muslim brother and sisters towards the brotherhood, unity, and prosperity. Right according to the teachings of Islam.

The Quran says: “You [Muslims] are the best nation brought out for Mankind, commanding what is righteous and forbidding what is wrong.”  [3:110]. The mission of Ummah is built around this powerful verse of the Quran.

The Ummah has been created on a very strong concept of guiding the Muslim nation and enlightening their faith, to provoke and pull Muslim brothers and sisters towards Islam. The app is a bundle of blessing and aspires to spread love, brotherhood, and message of Islam.  Also, it supports Muslims in exploring their religion more deeply.

Ummah has all that you need!

ummah android app

We all know how blissful our single act of prayer and deed matters, especially in this heavenly month. To keep your prayers and faithful performances scheduled and balance, the Ummah serves as a platform for the entire Muslim nation and works as a reminder to bring up all of the brothers and sisters on the same page of hidaya.  Not only in Ramadan, but the app also helps in keeping these little deeds and good habits even after Ramadan. Ummah caters the needful deeds of Muslims through every thick and thin and provides all of the needed facilities to its Muslim fellows.

Prayer time reminder and Qiblah Directions

Ummah IOS app

Ummah understands that you need to keep your worldly stuff too, in order to earn your bread and butter that’s why it has that amazing feature of reminding you about the prayer time according to your selected location. Also, it directs the fellows who have to travel from places to places or do not have an idea about the Qibla, by offering the Qiblah direction’s compass. All you need to do is to follow the instructions and just get the right directions of the Qibla within the seconds.

Get Notified with Hadiths, Islamic quotations & Shop best with #halalcard

Halal Ummah App

To protect your Emaan and to provide you the best teachings of Islam, Ummah has this feature of sharing Hadiths, Scholarly sayings and sharing the best pieces of advice in the light of Islam. Ummah will keep assisting its users with the Quranic verses and other Islamic quotations that would help our Muslim fellows in easing their hardships and getting a proper guide regarding their issues. The Ummah aims to feed the mind of brothers and sisters with the informative and upright sayings which can protect you from the evil acts and can provoke you towards the goodness. Also, there is a customized feature of #halalcard through which you can modify and share the design of the quotations according to your own choice. Be it the picture, font type or the filter, you can easily adapt these things on your own.

The Halal Shop Is coming on your way soon!

Shopping with Ummah

Have you seen that shopping bag hidden in our logo? Let us tell you the meaning of it. Actually, it is a shopping bag that indicated that Ummah offers a Halal way of buying and selling. You can trade or buy an item from the offered items of Ummah, doesn’t matter in which corner of the world you are. Without being fear of fraud or any other complication feel free to shop. We aspire to make things easy for our brothers and sisters just like our religion teaches us to.

Communicate through Ummah!

Another amazing facility that Ummah offers is the socializing. With Ummah, you can create a friendly loop of communication on multiple platforms of social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and other social mediums. Through this outstanding feature, you can incorporate advises of us of our prophet in your daily routine, as well as, the valuable content will help in boosting your morale and refreshing your Emaan. The Ummah is also will be adding more features before the Ramadan festivities to surprise our Muslim brothers and sisters with a beautiful gift.

You can download an app now to avail the best in this Ramadan and to shower your soul with the blessings of Ramadan. The app caters both iOS and Android, so just get your downloaded now for FREE and get enlightened with the teachings of Islam.


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