Unveiling the Future: KBIS 2024 through the Lens of Midea’s TasteXpress™ Series


As the curtains draw on the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2024, my journey through the sprawling halls of innovation and design excellence was notably punctuated by Midea’s exceptional showcase in the West Hall. With an air of anticipation, industry insiders and enthusiasts alike gathered to witness Midea’s amazing booth, as well as the unveiling of the TasteXpress™ Series Countertop Oven, a groundbreaking addition to their repertoire of smart home appliances.

Midea’s booth was a beacon of technological marvel, and in their exquisite kitchen space were the much-discussed X23 Oven (MMC09AS9ABB) and the French Double-Door Countertop Oven (MET26C3AST).

The former, an all-in-one wonder, showcased the prowess of XpressHeating rapid heat with professional graphene technology, seamlessly intertwining steaming, baking, and microwave functionalities.

The latter, with its 3D Turbo Air Fry technology, promised a culinary experience that transcended conventional norms, promoting healthier cooking with reduced oil and fat.

Walking through the booth, I couldn’t help but marvel at Midea’s future-forward approach. The inclusion of MATTER intelligent linkage technology hinted at a seamlessly connected kitchen ecosystem, where user preferences seamlessly integrate with smart home ecosystems.

The overarching theme of Midea’s mission, “Make yourself at home,” resonated in the intuitive design of their appliances and their commitment to consumer-centric innovation and sustainability.

The TasteXpress™ Series was an immersive experience that transported attendees into a kitchen of possibilities. Seeing all the different appliances on display, I spoke with Midea representatives, and their passion for pushing the boundaries of intelligent kitchen innovation became evident.

As a Fortune 500 company with a massive global presence, Midea’s participation in KBIS 2024 underscores its position as a leader in the home appliance industry.

Beyond the KBIS exhibition floor, Midea subsequently appeared at the KBIS Shark Event.

As we bid adieu to KBIS 2024, Midea’s TasteXpress™ Series remains etched in my memory. Midea’s unwavering dedication to elevating the home experience leaves an indelible mark on the industry, setting a standard for what’s to come in the realm of smart kitchen appliances.

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