Usher Keke Palmer Video: Memed Amid Darius Jackson Backlash

usher keke palmer video

Usher Keke Palmer Video singing together went viral on social media. The clip showed Usher singing his song, There Goes My Baby, with Palmer wrapping her arms around him and singing along. 

The actress donned a stunning sheer black dress layered over a bodysuit while joining Usher in a captivating performance. 

Following an unfortunate incident at the concert where Jackson harshly criticized Palmer’s choice of outfit, a video capturing the moment quickly gained traction online. 

Adding to the scrutiny, Palmer’s partner retweeted the video on July 5, further condemning her attire.

The video generated a lot of buzz after Palmer’s partner, Darius Jackson, criticized her online for her outfit at the concert.

Social media users reacted to the video, with some slamming Darius for his comments. However, others started a hilarious meme thread about the situation. 

Fans questioned why he shamed Palmer publicly for her outfit instead of addressing the matter face-to-face or via call. 

Palmer and Jackson have always kept their relationship out of the public eye. 

But Palmer talked about her partner for the first time in November 2021, stating that he is her closest friend and brings her happiness.

Darius Doubles Down on His Claims

After the internet criticized him for his tweet, Jackson doubled down on his claims. 

In a Tweet, Darius stated that he has standards and morals that he believes in and that Palmer is his family and representation. He further stated that he rests his case. 

Palmer’s response to Jackson’s comments is not clear. However, she did post a few pictures of herself in the outfit on social media. 

Palmer and Jackson welcomed their first child together in February 2023.

The Viral Usher Keke Palmer Video and Memes

The viral video of Usher and Palmer has created a lot of memes online. 

Some of the memes are based on Darius’s reaction to seeing the video for the first time. Others are hilarious takes on Usher’s frequent appearances in Palmer’s life.

One meme that stood out reads, “Keke Palmer’s baby daddy when he hears an Usher song on the radio.” 

The picture shows a man with a shocked expression on his face, indicating that his ex-partner’s closeness to Usher might anger him. 

Another meme reads, “Usher strikes again,” indicating Usher’s tendency to feature in Palmer’s life.

Why the Usher Keke Palmer Video Went Viral

The Usher Keke Palmer video went viral for many reasons. Firstly, both Usher and Palmer are well-known public figures, which means that the video had a high chance of going viral. 

Secondly, the clip shows both singers performing a love song in an intimate setting, naturally attracting much attention.

Thirdly, Darius’s comments about Palmer’s outfit at the concert drew a lot of criticism from social media users. 

People questioned why he would publicly shame his partner instead of discussing the matter privately. 

Fourthly, the memes that followed the video amplified its popularity and added to the general buzz surrounding the event.


The viral Usher Keke Palmer video created much social media buzz amidst the Darius Jackson backlash. 

Fans questioned why Jackson publicly shamed Palmer for her outfit at the concert instead of addressing the matter privately. 

The video has led to many hilarious memes, making the situation more entertaining for social media users. 

The video’s viral nature is attributed to the intimacy of the setting, the love song, and the public criticism of Palmer’s outfit.

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