Vanroy Evan Smith Photo – California Doctor Brutally Murdered

vanroy evan smith photo

In Dana Point, California, a doctor was brutally killed while on an afternoon bike ride.

The victim, Michael Mammone, a 58-year-old emergency room doctor at Providence Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach, was riding his bicycle on the Pacific Coast Highway when a driver in a white Lexus hit him from behind and sent him flying into the Crown Valley Parkway intersection. 

According to witnesses, the driver, Vanroy Evan Smith, got out of the car, brandishing a knife and a BB gun, and proceeded to stab the injured doctor.

Bystanders stepped in and managed to detain the attacker until the authorities arrived. Smith was arrested on suspicion of murder and booked into the local jail. 

The knife used in the attack was found at the scene. The motive behind the attack remains unknown, but the police keep all options open and conduct a thorough investigation to uncover the truth.

There was no apparent connection or prior relationship between the victim and the attacker.

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