Venus Angelic: The Inside Story Of The Living Doll

Venus Angelic Life

Venus Isabelle Palermo is known as Venus Angelic in her YouTube videos. On 8 February 1997, she was born to Swiss parents in Brugg, Switzerland. Later on, she flew to London, England, before permanently living in Japan.

Venus Angelic is popularly recognized for her doll-like features. Then she was called a “living doll” after her YouTube tutorial video “How to look like a doll.“, which went viral because of her doll-like look. The video went viral in March 2012.

Picture Credit: Venus Angelic Instagram Account

The career of Venus Angelic

After a year, when her Youtube tutorial went viral, Venus Angelic published a cover version of the pre-lease song Icona Pop, “I Love It,” which was placed number #71 on the United Kingdom Singles Chart.

Venus Angelic Journey as a Youtuber

As a YouTuber, she was famously known for her viral video, ‘How to Look like a Doll, ‘which currently has more than 16M views.

Her Youtube channel consisted of typical vlogger content, and ultimately, her content was primarily focused on beauty and makeup tips but specifically on how to look more doll-like.

Over the years, Venus Angelic’s channel content was focused on making herself look more similar to a porcelain doll, and then it became her whole brand.

Venus Angelic Journey as a Youtuber

Her Mother supported and managed her content throughout Venus Angelic YouTube account, who often accompanied Venus Angelic to her interviews and photoshoots.

Personal Life of Venus Angelic 

At some point, Venus Angelic’s Mother’s control over her Youtube Channel has seemed to be a toxic control over the content her daughter posted. This public dispute between mother-daughter let her fans calling Venus Angelic’s Mother out. The break in her relationship with her Mother made Palermo leave her Mother’s household.

Mother of Venus Angelic

Venus Angelic underwent Weight Loss Surgery.

Over time, Venus Angelic’s love and fascination with doll-like looks went very seriously. Venus Angelic had a near-death encounter after she had weight loss surgery at just eight and a half stone, as she considered herself obese. 

Venus Palermo, who was brought up in London but now lives in Japan, claims to have communicated with more than fifty doctors worldwide but discovered only one who was willing to do the surgery.

The YouTube sensation and ‘living doll’ better known by her channel name of ‘Venus Angelic,’ made the trip to South Korea so that she could have the dramatic procedure, which included sewing shut a part of her stomach to make it more petite and liquidating 120cm of her intestines.

At first, she declares, the surgery was a success, and she succeeded in maintaining a weight of 8st and 4lbs.

Desiring to appear ‘naturally skinny,’ she kept the surgery a secret, but about a year later, she became sick and could no longer consume any food or water.

Constantly throwing up, her weight fell to just over six stone, and she had to be admitted to a hospital, where doctors fear for her life and had to drip feed her. 

It was found the stitches had collapsed, meaning food was going into the closed-off part of her stomach, and she required emergency surgery to fix her stomach.

Venus, 21, said: ‘It was devastating when the doctor came into my room and said we would need to do surgery.

Venus underwent body issues from a young age and said she saw herself as sick obese, despite her slim frame.

Wanting people to accept that she was simply ‘naturally skinny,’ Venus kept her surgery a secret for almost two years.

Venus Angelic underwent Weight Loss Surgery.

She was even keeping the surgery from her boyfriend until she was compelled to explain the reason for her illness.

She’s now sharing her story in an attempt to help other girls going through the same thing.

Venus says she wishes her story will prevent others from taking such severe action if they feel bad about their bodies.

Love Life of Venus Angelic

In 2014 when she went to Japan, Venus Angelic began a romantic relationship with the Japanese guy Manaki Okada. After dating each other for months, they both got married in a private ceremony the following year.

It is understood that Venus Angelic’s romantic relationship with her boyfriend caused a break in her relationship with her mother, who used to look after all her contents and official meetings. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last any longer, and they both got separated after a while.

Interesting Facts about Venus Angelic

  • Venus Angelic started her career on YouTube.
  • Her videos were comprised of makeup tutorials and beauty tips to make you look more doll-like.
  • She is 25 years old with child-like and doll-like features.
  • Her Mother managed Venus Angelic’s YouTube channel and account.
  • Before getting famous as a Youtuber, she appeared as an extra in a Swiss film at six called Ready, Steady, Charlie!

Sudden Shift in Venus Angelic’s Channel’s Content

It is believed that Venus Angelic changed her channel’s content right after when she got separated from her husband, Manaki. Eventually, Venus Angelic’s content as a regular beauty vlogger began to be changed toward an adult audience.

The immediate shift of her content began spreading uncertainty among her followers that the girls whose content was mainly focused on makeup and beauty tips have now changed her channel’s direction, which centered more on promoting her ‘OnlyFans’ and her other NSFW content. She started to talk about her history of abuse and even started drinking on her channel.

After a while, she officially announced that she would be making an OnlyFans account. While her channel, ‘OnlyFans, ‘functions a lot like Patreon and other adult subscription platforms, its age restriction makes it a well-known medium for influencers like Venus Angelic to post adult and other NSFW content.

Many who noticed this unexpected change in Venus’ content became worried for the YouTuber, and she experienced some hate for separating her younger fanbase by making content inappropriate for them.

What happened to Venus, and why did she decide to change her brand?

Her Mother supposedly controlled Venus’ original content.

Venus is best known for her previously viral video, “How to Look Like a Doll,” which currently has more than 16 million views. While Venus’ channel started as a space where she posted specific vlogger content, showing what she ate in a day and some Japanese-inspired videos, her content ultimately became focused on makeup and beauty tips to make yourself look more doll-like.

Her Mother supposedly controlled Venus' original content.

This became her complete brand, and much of her content over the years was focused on making herself look more like a porcelain doll. She would even make her voice sound more child-like to emphasize the doll-like look she was attempting to emanate. 

Throughout the years that Venus produced this content, it was all managed and promoted by her mother, who often accompanied her to interviews and photoshoots.

Eventually, fans began to notice that Venus’ mom had what appeared to be an unhealthy amount of control over the content her daughter posted, leading to them calling her Mother out. Eventually, Venus appeared to flee her Mother’s household to be with her longtime partner Manaki, who she supposedly married.

But since then, she has divorced her husband and is now on her own, and she has complete control over her content.

Many viewers consider her pivot to OnlyFans as part of her newfound freedom.

After Venus had officially separated from her mother and her ex-husband, her content started to take a more adult turn. In her YouTube videos, she no longer focused solely on the doll-like aesthetic she had spent so long building but instead talked about her history of abuse and even started drinking on her channel.

It was not too long after that that Venus announced she would be making an OnlyFans account. While OnlyFans functions a lot like Patreon and other subscription platforms, its age restriction makes it a well-known outlet for influencers to post adult and other NSFW content.

Much of her content then became about her OnlyFans, which many of her followers criticized her for. Considering she had kept up a child-like appearance for most of her online career, many were worried about her.

But while her followers were worried, it appears that Venus is happy with the content she’s making. While it contains the fan base she can cater to, some fans believe this has been her way of controlling her content after many years of being supervised by her mother.

She has convinced fans that she is happy with what she is doing and is satisfied with the content she’s creating.

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