Vernest Moore Cause Of Death: Erica L. Carrington Funeral Runway Walk Goes Viral

Vernest Moore Cause Of Death

Vernest Moore cause of death has not been disclosed, but sources suggest it may have been due to a cardiac arrest. 

Recently, a fashion designer, Vernest Moore, passed away on 22nd October 2023. 

The renowned CEO of Visions Consultants Group, Moore, was known for his Haute Couture designs and contributions to the fashion industry.

The controversy arose when model Erica L. Carrington posted a video of herself walking the runway at Moore’s funeral on social media, drawing criticism. 

Carrington defended her tribute despite the backlash, asserting it was by the late designer’s wishes. 

Moore, a Philadelphia native and Morgan State University graduate, started his journey in clothing design during his junior year. 

His label, Visions by Ve’ Moore, gained widespread recognition, and his work was featured in prestigious fashion events globally. 

The funeral incident sparked intense discussions on social media, with opinions divided on whether Carrington’s runway walk was appropriate as an homage to Vernest Moore.

Vernest Moore’s death

The news of his demise shocked his family, friends, and the entire fashion industry, leaving everyone in disbelief. 

As of now, the family has not disclosed the specific cause of his death, adding an air of mystery to the circumstances surrounding his untimely departure. 

However, reliable sources indicate that  Vernest Moore may have succumbed to a sudden cardiac arrest, which abruptly ended his vibrant and creative life.

 Vernest Moore’s contributions to the fashion world were unparalleled, making his loss deeply felt across the industry. 

The absence of his innovative vision and leadership at Visions Consultants Group is a poignant reminder of his impact on the fashion landscape. 

As the fashion community mourns the loss of this influential figure.

The legacy of  Vernest Moore will undoubtedly endure through the countless designs and inspirations he shared with the world.

Vernest Moore’s obituary and funeral details

 Vernest Moore’s funeral took place at the Newark Museum of Art on November 11, 2023, drawing attendance from his family, friends, and colleagues in the fashion world. 

The atmosphere was somber as heartfelt tributes were paid to commemorate his life and enduring legacy. 

The service provided a platform for those close to him to share memories and express their grief.

In the days following the funeral, newspapers and magazines carried obituaries showcasing his significant accomplishments and impact on the fashion industry. 

These publications collectively acknowledged his contributions, ensuring that a wider audience would remember his influence and creative spirit. 

The mourning community found solace in the shared remembrances, contributing to the collective reflection on the mark  Vernest Moore left on the world of fashion.

Erica L Carrington’s funeral runway walk goes viral

Model Erica L Carrington paid homage to the late designer at the funeral through an unconventional runway walk. 

She walked down the ramp in a grey dress and paused near  Vernest Moore’s casket.

She struck a pose and then continued back to the red carpet. 

Moreover, she later justified her actions by stating that it was how the late designer would have wanted it.

The video of the runway walk went viral on social media, and Erica L Carrington faced severe backlash for her actions. 

Social media users criticized her for trivializing and using the solemn occasion for personal gain.

 However, Erica claimed that her actions were a tribute to  Vernest Moore and that she wanted to honor his memory through her gesture.

Model defends Open-Casket Runway as a tribute

Despite the criticism, Erica L Carrington stood by her actions and defended her runway walk as a tribute to the late designer’s wishes. 

She argued that  Vernest Moore loved fashion and would have appreciated her gesture. 

She also claimed that her unique way of showing respect to the designer had inspired her and many others in the fashion industry.

Tributes and Condolences to Vernest Moore

The fashion industry and  Vernest Moore’s family and friends mourned the loss of the talented designer. 

Many took to social media to express their condolences and pay their respects to the late designer. 

The industry remembered Vernest Moore as a gifted and passionate designer who had revolutionized the fashion world through his unique designs and contributions. 

He inspired many, and his legacy will live on in the hearts of those who knew him and the industry he so loved and contributed to.

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