Volkswagen Apologizes For Racist Instagram Ad

After strong criticism of the ad on social media, Volkswagen has apologized for the video in which a black man is seen being pushed by a huge white hand to the entrance of a store.

Later you can read the word “Neger” at the end of the ad, albeit in disordered letters and while the phrase “The Neger Golf” is consolidated, the new Golf.

Volkswagen has said that “the ad is bad and in bad taste,” has distanced itself from it and has apologized. The German automobile group has also said it will explain how something like this could have happened and that there will be consequences.

The chairman of the Volkswagen group’s works council, Bernd Osterloh, has said that he is ashamed of that announcement and that the same is true for the entire workforce.

Volkswagen: Demonstrated Racist Volkswagen Ad; Company Apologizes And Withdraws It

The apology was made for its ad that appeared on the automaker’s Instagram account. Volkswagen apologized after issuing an advertisement for its new Golf model, which sparked a wave of criticism from internet users, who considered it racist.

The 10-second video, which appeared on the company’s Instagram account, shows a colored man, dressed in a suit, holding a white hand in the foreground, slightly pushing him into the interior of an establishment called “the little settler.”

Everything to get away from a yellow Volkswagen’s Golf parked at the entrance. Deleted from Instagram, the video clip was still circulating on Twitter, where users continued to criticize.

At the end of the clip there is a sequence of letters whose order suggests the word “black”.

The history of our own company makes “Volkswagen position itself against all forms of racism, xenophobia and discrimination,” said the group, which also apologized on Instagram.

Volkswagen Apologizes After Ad With Racist Overtones

It shows a dark-colored man, dressed in a suit, grasped by a white hand that pushes him into a store called “the little settler”.

The group understands the irritated reactions of many people who watched the video, adding that it will clarify what may have happened and understood the consequences.

The brand ‘Volkswagen’ was created in 1937 by Ferdinand Porsche, on the initiative of the German Labor Front, led by Adolf Hitler.

Volkswagen Asks The Government For A Plan To Sell More Cars

Thomas Owsianski praised the quarantine but said it is not “cheap”. He warned about the impact that the two months of industrial inactivity can have.

After the start bell that returned the activity to the Volkswagen plant, after 6 days with the assembly lines paralyzed by the coronavirus, the automaker gradually returned to normal.

The president of the terminal, Thomas Owsianski assured yesterday that the quarantine has not yet ended but it was a good decision to protect the health of people.

The problem is that it is not cheap. The manager referred in this way to the economic impact of social isolation measures. Two months without invoicing is a very difficult challenge, he added.

In any case, he preferred not to make predictions about the remainder of the year in terms of market developments, although he ruled out that 2020 is going to be the worst year in history.

“You have to see what happens with the negotiation with the bondholders. There may be a positive or a negative scenario, “he clarified.

The director of the automaker ‘Volkswagen’ made these statements, through a teleconference with different media agencies.

The return to activity was made on Monday in one shift under strict sanitary protocol. From that day, the manufacturing of the Amarok pickup and pre-series units of the new SUV that will produce the brand known as the Tarek project was restarted.

“Between July and August we will announce its final name,” he clarified. One of the consequences of the quarantine is the delay in launching this model, which was scheduled for the end of this year and will now be presented in May 2021.

The problems that caused the closure for two months of the establishment also affect suppliers.

Although the plant had been authorized to reopen, they had to wait for several auto parts based in other provinces to be arriving.

This is a sensitive issue since, as we work with reduced parts stock, the fluidity of the supplies is key. “We work with two or three days of parts inventory,” he warned.

This also affects finished vehicles since most of the models they sell come from abroad, especially from Brazil, a country that is suffering a major blow from the pandemic.

In fact, the Volkswagen plant in the country is the first to reopen in the region since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Volkswagen: Layoffs And Sanctions For Workers Who Violate Protocols Of Covid-19

Workers must make a commitment to wear personal protective equipment and follow safety and hygiene standards.

Automotive companies such as Volkswagen will apply administrative sanctions and even dismissals to workers who fail to comply with the hygiene standards established for the start-up phase and the return to the “new normal.”

With the arrival of the coronavirus, companies adapted their internal safety and hygiene protocols, in such a way that the use of personal protection, such as gloves, face masks, masks, masks, footwear and glasses, will be mandatory to work in open and closed spaces, as well as on journeys to work centers.

Mauricio Kuri Curiel, director of Corporate Communication and Government Affairs of Volkswagen, explained that before the new scenario for the covid-19, labor circumstances will change.

It will be in such a way that the staggered return of activities will prioritize the health of both of its more than 12 thousand collaborators, as well as suppliers of auto parts and services.

Workers must assume the commitment to wear personal protective equipment and carry out safety and hygiene standards; otherwise they will be punished and even dismissed.

The German carmaker established 100 safety and hygiene points of strict and permanent observance in the operations plan, which includes not only the use of personal protective equipment, health monitoring, but ways of working, adapting areas, moving in and out of the facilities.

In the case of auto parts and service provider companies, it is known that similar measures will be applied.


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