Wayne Gretzky’s Net Worth: Skating to the Bank?

Wayne Gretzky’s Net Worth Skating to the Bank

Wayne Gretzky is a former professional ice hockey player and coach and has since worked as somewhat of an entrepreneur. The Canadian is considered to be in the hall of fame of ice hockey players and is even argued to be the best ice hockey player of all time.

His playing career spanned 21 years from 1978 to 1999, with 20 of those seasons spent in the NHL. Wayne Gretzky is estimated to have an accumulative net worth of around $250 million.

How did Wayne Gretzky make his money?

Gretzky made just short of $50 million during his playing career via the salaries he picked up as a player alone. On top of this, the pro ice hockey player made more money by signing endorsement deals with various companies and brands.

In fact, estimates suggest he made a little more through these deals than he did through his playing contracts. He accumulated $50 million in total endorsement and partner deals.

Since hanging up his skates on the professional scene, Gretzky has acted as a savvy entrepreneur and invested his wealth wisely. This includes real estate investments, buying vineyards and even owning sports teams.

He hasn’t stopped hustling today and has recently signed a new deal with BetMGM, a new online sports betting company formed by MGM Resorts and Entain, which also run Bwin as its biggest Canadian betting offering.

Has Wayne Gretzky faced difficult times?

Although there is no evidence to suggest Gretzky has had to face significantly difficult times as a player or coach, his rise to greatness at a young age did not come without hurdles.

His hometown was the sort of place where talented people could easily be led astray. Gretzky’s parents countered this by moving him to Toronto. At the time, it was not allowed to play in different areas.

But his parents made a challenge to the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association and got permission for Gretzky to play in Toronto.

A snapshot of Gretzky’s career

Gretzky joined the Indianapolis Racers aged 17 for almost $2 million. His talent would have earned him a place in the NHL instead of the WHA. But players under 20 could not participate in the NHL during the period.

After a transfer and the collapse of the WHA, Gretzky soon found himself playing in the NHL. He played for four different teams during his 20 years in the NHL and amassed a sensational 61 records by the time he retired. This is why he earned the nickname The Great One among sportswriters.

Gretzky’s political activism

Gretzky has been heavily involved in US politics over the years, whether backing Bush’s decision to invade Iraq or endorsing the Conservative Party. This endorsement was criticised, considering he was not a US citizen or resident.