What Happened To The Wisconsin Volleyball Team? Is The Culprit Caught?

what happened to the Wisconsin volleyball team

What happened to the Wisconsin volleyball team? This has remained the most asked question on the internet after the recent sensitive picture and videos leaked of the Wisconsin university student-athletes. 

Do you know what happened to the Wisconsin volleyball team? Do you know who is behind leaking the private videos and pictures of the Wisconsin team players? Is the culprit caught or still out there?

What Happened To The Wisconsin Volleyball Team?

On the 20th of October, just 24 hours before their match against Michigan, private images and videos of Wisconsin volleyball team players were leaked on Telegram. Now, every person’s phone has these sensitive pictures stored on them.

At that time, the players’ sensitive pictures and videos were leaked via Telegram. The video wasn’t recorded recently –it was filmed back in December 2021 when the team celebrated their victory against Nebraska.

After the leak, the young Wisconsin team players were shocked when they saw their private images and videos circulating all around the internet. 

Some players have been reported to take therapy sessions because they are mentally affected after the leak. Some players complained to the heads of Wisconsin university about the incident. 

The complaint was taken to the police as students started to face stress and difficulty during their normal life. People used to taunt them and send them inappropriate messages with their leaked pictures and videos. 

On Wednesday, the school’s athletic department stated about the inquiry, “We are aware that private photos and video of UW volleyball student-athletes that were never intended to be shared publicly are being circulated digitally.”

UW stated, “The unauthorized sharing is a significant and wrongful invasion of the student athlete’s privacy, including potential violations of university policies and criminal statutes.”

UW also said the young women’s team immediately filed a complaint against the leak to the UW-Madison Police Department. 

UW athletic department added that the police are still investigating the culprit that leaked their student’s private pictures and videos. Their top priority is supporting their young student-athletes and providing all the resources and services to get back on track. 

In one leaked photo, a player is seen raising her sports bra. It was found that the team was celebrating its big ten title victory in 2021. However, it was not made public where the photos and videos were shot. 

By the look of the picture’s background, it looks like the team is in their locker room after their victory. The picture is censored, but on many platforms, people have shared un-censored pictures and videos too.

Apart from the leaked content, the Wisconsin women’s volleyball players showed enormous courage to play the match against Michigan a day after the leak. 

The Wisconsin team played very well and won against Michigan State Spartans on Friday night in three sets — one 25-22, two 25-16, and three 25-15.

Wisconsin Volleyball Team Telegram: What Happened In The Investigation?

The police can investigate to search for the culprit. However, they couldn’t find the person behind the leak. This was because of the reason that the leaks were circulating on every social media platform. 

All stats and variations were tried to minimize the data to check who leaked it first. Still, the police couldn’t find the culprit. 

Marc Lavicott, The Wisconsin University Police Department’s spokesman, spoke to reporters on Thursday. 

He was questioned to share more details about the case but declined, saying that it is best for the student-athletes if the information stays confidential. 

The support and motivation students receive from their athletics department during difficult times are crucial for them to achieve their goals. 

Itsfunnydude11 Twitter Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Videos and Photos

We found out from online sources that a Reddit user named Itsfunnydudell had published private photos of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team without their permission. As a result, that account was suspended, and we were unable to get in contact with the owner.

When the account was searched on the internet, the page said, “Page Not Found.” It was found that Reddit had to suspend the account to prevent nu*ity from being spread from their platform.

The Twitter Account Itsfunnydude11

After the account was suspended from Reddit, the person behind the account logged in on Twitter with the same account name that was on Reddit. 

Still, after searching for the person behind the account, the police are still determining who the culprit is. 

Twitter user Itsfunnydude11 has amassed nearly 5,000 followers since joining the site in March 2016 by sharing videos and photos. 

Although the account is growing in popularity, there is still room for improvement. So far, ItsFunnyDude11 has uploaded 24 videos and pictures to his Twitter account.

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