What Is Difference Between Fragrance Oil And Essential Oil?

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What Is Difference Between Fragrance Oil And Essential Oil?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between an essential oil and fragrance oil before buying or making a scent or scented product?

Heading a DIY project for your scented products is all fun until you realize some of the crucial choices waiting for you. For example, choosing the right ingredients for your products. As oils are the most prominent part of any scented product, it is essential to consider their nature and effects. 

Therefore here is a brief necessary account of the difference between the two commonly used oils, i.e., essential oils and fragrance oils.

What is an Essential Oil?

Essential oils are interpreted as natural oils extracted from plants. They are entirely organic in nature. They have been used for medicinal purposes for years now, as well as for a home spa day. From flowers to tree bark, these oils can be derived from almost any plant. 

The evidence of their significance lies in the fact that the global market for these natural essences is expected to increase from 226.9 kilotons to 404.2 kilotons between 2018 to 2025. 

Most commonly used essential oils are tea tree oil, rosemary oil and lavender oil. These are the scents usually enjoyed by people of all ages.

What is a Fragrance Oil?

Fragrance oil, on the contrary, is the result of modern innovations and is synthetically made. They are mostly hard to get off and mostly mimic natural scents. These oils are usually added to room sprays, cleaning products, personal care products, diapers and sanitizers etc.

The most extraordinary fact about these oils is that they can have aromas of different natural scents like peaches, melon, strawberries and even fudge cakes. Therefore, they are widely used as perfumes in various scented products like candles, soaps, lotions and scents, can be used for any self care ideas.

Moreover, since most of them are synthetic, they are non-volatile and have a longer shelf life. Thus fragrance oil provides you with the ultimate long-lasting scent you are rooting for.

What Are The Differences Between Essential Oil And Fragrance Oil?

Here is a brief list of prominent differences between essential and fragrance oils.


The main difference between both oils is that essential oils are naturally originated from plants, and fragrance oils are synthetically produced.

Range of Aroma

As fragrance oils are made of chemical compounds, they acquire a particular range. But on the other hand, the range of essential oils varies with climate, growing conditions and seasons.


A fascinating fact about fragrance oils is that they can be produced with any aroma. This key feature provides a wide variety of scents. In contrast to this, essential oils have specific smells.


Fragrance oils are non-volatile in nature, and essential oils are volatile.


It is important to note that fragrance oils are preferred to be used in perfumes and other scented products. On the other hand, essential oils mainly account for their medicinal uses like aromatherapy.

Life span

The shelf life of essential oils is much less than fragrance oils. Fragrance oils are comparatively long-lived and can be acquired for a long time. Due to this crucial property of fragrance oils, various companies offer their product in the form of deals, and these deals are nothing less than gift baskets for women.


Pure essential oils vary greatly in price, based on the type and seasonal availability. Essential oils like rose and sandalwood are always expensive. The finite organic origin of these oils makes them expensive. 

In contrast, fragrance oils are much cheaper and face no issues with changing environments or seasons.

Potential Dangers of Essential Oils

These oils are pure extracts of nature and are not diluted mostly. Many essential oils can irritate skin and thus should not be placed directly on the skin to avoid any risks. Instead, these oils must be added to other carrier oils to make them serviceable.

They should not be inhaled and must be added in minimal amounts to food. Before using these oils, the potential users must take medical help to check if  they are sensitive to any future allergies or rashes.


Both types of oils have their nature and effects. Here we have listed all the possible queries one could have when buying either of these. This brief guide about the difference between fragrance and essential oil is easily attainable for anyone rooting for these aromas in their daily use products.

Moreover, it is essential to note that you can easily acquire these oils and products made of these oils from online websites like Body & Earth which promises nothing but an aromatic online shopping experience. Their freshly conserved scented products are nothing less than a treat for women.

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