What is Halloween

What is Halloween?

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated each year on October 31. Halloween is the evening before the Christian holy days of All Hallows’ Day which is also known as All Saints’ or Hallowmas celebrated each year on November 1st, thus giving the holiday on 31 October the full name of All Hallows’ Eve, meaning the evening before All Hallows’ Day.

Halloween is a day when we can all indulge in the darker, creepier side of life and loads of candy. It’s a lot of fun, a little spooky, and anything but serious. Both adults and kids usually celebrate Halloween, but more recently, we think of Halloween as a night filled with candy, trick-or-treating, pumpkins, ghosts and death. Some families celebrate by having costume parties and playing unique games like bobbing for apples and telling ghost stories. Sometimes children go “trick or treating” – knocking on doors in their trusted neighborhoods collecting candy.

But historically, the holiday was religious and extremely significant to the culture of the people who celebrated it. Before you deck your halls with ghosts, goblins, and assorted ghoulish decorations this year, find out how America’s favorite holiday!

What is the Origin of Halloween?

Halloween’s origins date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which is pronounced as ‘sow-in.’ Halloween has its roots in the old, pre-Christian Celtic festival of Samhain, which was celebrated on the night of October 31. The origin of Halloween, as we know it, began over  2,000 years ago in the area that is now Ireland, the United Kingdom, and northern France, believed that the dead returned to earth on Samhain. It was a Celtic celebration of the new year, called Samhain, which occurred on November 1. The Celtic druids revered it as the biggest holiday of the year. On the night of October 31, they celebrated Samhain, when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth. This day marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold winter, a time of year that was often associated with human death. Celts believed that on the night before the new year, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. Bonfires were a significant aspect of this holiday, as well.

What day is Halloween & When is Halloween 2019?

Halloween is on Thursday, 31 October, and it is on the fifth Thursday of October. This year Halloween will be celebrated during the weekend before and the weekend after of October, which means there will be two Halloweekends this year. Yes, this means you will have to make double the costumes and double the plans, but it’s all in good fun.

How Many Days Until Halloween?

The count down for Halloween has already begun. Its already Mid-October and Halloween will be on October 31, which means nine days, 17 hours, 40 minutes are left until Halloween.

Why is Halloween so Special?

Halloween is special because of the connection between Samhains and Celts. They are so close together on the calendar that they influenced each other and later combined into the celebration now called Halloween. Many European cultural traditions hold that Halloween is a time when magic is most potent, and spirits can make contact with the physical world. Halloween is one of the favorite days of the year. For those who may not know, Halloween is a beloved autumnal holiday observed in numerous countries around the world, and while Halloween traditions may differ around the world.

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What should we do on Halloween?

We are here to tell you that October is so much more than that. Yes, you can get your family in the Halloween. It’s Mid-October, so start making your fall bucket list right now!

Here are some fun activities for you to do on Halloween day, so you get the real essence of Halloween festive with your friends and family:

  • Host your own Halloween costume party.
  • Make a Wicked Halloween Decoration.
  • Head to a Halloween party.
  • Hand out candy for trick-treat.
  • Carve Jack-o-Lanterns.
  • Put yourself into a sugar coma.
  • Bob For Apples.
  • Fill your home with balloon ghosts.
  • Test your courage and sign up for a ghost tour to learn. about your area’s haunted history.
  • Visit a Pumpkin Patch.
  • Cook Fun, Festive Finger Foods.
  • Plan a Halloween Movie Marathon.

Why is Halloween on the 31st Of October?

Halloween is celebrated by the Samhain in remembrance of the dead that occurs annually on the evening of October 31. At the end of summer, the Celts thought the barrier between our world and the world of ghosts and spirits got thin and causing trouble and damaging crops, the Celts also believed that the presence of the otherworldly spirits made it easier for the Druids or Celtic priests, to make predictions.

Where is Halloween celebrated mostly?

Halloween is mostly celebrated in Mexico, Latin America, Canada and Spain. It is a three-day celebration that begins on the evening of October 31 and ends on November 2nd each year. In England, Guy Fawkes Day, which falls on November 5, is commemorated with bonfires and fireworks. In other countries like Canada, Ireland, United States, Halloween is celebrated as a holiday which is derived from the ancient festivals and religious rituals that include a costume party, tricks-o-treat and so on


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