What Makes Discord Perfect for Startups?

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What Makes Discord Perfect for Startups

Discord is a multi-functional platform that connects communities globally. Although it previously catered to gamers, this platform has evolved over the years to be a popular communication tool used by millions of users.

At present, enterprises are starting to embrace Discord for team chats and building meaningful professional relationships. The question is, why are businesses getting so interested in a platform made for the gaming community?

In this article, we will find an answer to that while also exploring ways you can use Discord for your startup.

Benefits of Using Discord for Your Business

Building a startup from the ground up is not easy. Without maintaining a powerful communication channel, your company can suffer in this competitive age. Luckily, you don’t have to worry, as Discord can be of much help. Here are the features that make Discord an ideal chatting tool for your startup. 

  • Affordability 

With a free Discord membership, your company and employees can access major features. If you require extra perks, Discord’s premium Nitro tier is available for only $99.99 a year. Premium features include HD video sharing, vast servers, etc. 

  • High-Performance Servers 

Discord has a robust server infrastructure that can handle any data you want to share with teams. Hosting a live video chat with 25 people on a single server is not an issue. This rugged hardware can even manage thousands of active users texting and sending documents. As a result, if you’re looking to scale big time in the future, Discord will not let you down. 

  • The Learning Curve Is Low 

Discord’s simplicity is baffling. Your employees can get started on using the simple chat functionality in a matter of seconds. Obtaining more advanced and platform-specific functionalities is no big deal. You can teach your employees everything they need to know about Discord in minutes.  

  • Highest Audio Quality 

Discord uses advanced algorithms to provide users with a crisp and clear audio experience. As a result, your team members can communicate without awkward delays or audio lag issues during meetings. Additionally, the audio sync features designed for gamers can offer high-quality sound without the need for lavish gear. 

  • Automation With Discord-Bots 

Bots are one of the few intriguing features of Discord that help you automate tasks and offset the hustles of not being present in a physical office. For example, if you use a bot that allows the integration of an app called Trello, your team could efficiently be able to work on board goals and tasks from within a Discord server. 

  • App Integration 

Like Slack, Discord allows you to incorporate multiple professionally acclaimed apps into your workspace. These apps support your company’s workflow and make your job easy. Some of the most popular apps that Discord supports are Zapier, Trello, YouTube, Google Sheets, Twitter, etc.

Discord for Team Chat

When team communication breaks down, your company will get nowhere. Check out these tips for efficient collaboration. 

  • Systematize Channels 

After creating a server as a moderator, you must organize private channels for exclusive communication between various teams. This step is crucial to isolate groups and avoid confusion. For example, your marketing team should have a separate chatting room (channel) from your technical team. 

  • Use a Discord Proxy 

Like any other service, Discord is not entirely immune from hacking attacks. To save you and your employees from malicious files and identity theft, you should invest in a dedicated proxy for Discord. This way, you will be able to bypass geo-restrictions that impede professional communication. 

  • Configure Discord Bots and App Integrations 

Set up your project management, social media, and productivity micro-apps within Discord to derive maximum results. Also, don’t forget to leverage business-focused bots for a performance boost. 

  • Screen Sharing With Teams 

Screen sharing is an effective way to share confidential and sometimes classified content with your team members. For this reason, you must learn how to adjust the settings so that your team meetings go uninterrupted.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, Discord is simply perfect for commercial use and a great way to start communicating with your team. What’s more, you can collaborate for free on this platform, which can be an extremely cost-efficient option for you. With experience and continuous use, you’ll be a pro Discord user in no time. What are you waiting for? Start today!