What To Know Before You Scale Your Online Marketing With Jordan Bazouzi & Nu Reach Media

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What To Know Before You Scale Your Online Marketing With Jordan Bazouzi & Nu Reach Media

Jordan Bazouzi is the owner of Nu Reach Media, THE fastest growing advertising agency in Canada. In two years, Jordan and his team have gone from zero to seven figures and more by helping their clients do exactly the same: escalate their businesses by using online paid advertising to leverage their products’ potential and helping put them in their customers’ hands.

The expertise of Nu Reach Media is far beyond their age. Starting in 2019, they have become one of the most reputable and profitable paid advertising firms in Canada by designing paid ad strategies based on solid principles and tested practices that are backed up by data. Jordan Bazouzi and NRM can definitely take you to the next level and give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

“All of our clients can expect to see no less than a 2X ROI over a 90-day slope, something we are extremely proud of.”, says Jordan.

But what factors do you need to consider before embarking upon the mission of boosting your growth with them? Jordan Bazouzi shares his insights on how paid advertising can be of the most advantage for your business.

You need a marketable product

This does not mean reinventing the wheel. You need a product that people actually want, and that has good quality. Customer satisfaction will exponentially increase your ROI for advertising because every time you get a client, you can expect multiple orders coming from them recurrently, so, focus on customer delight.

“In today’s world of social media advertising, you simply cannot sell a bad product on any platform, because Facebook, Instagram, etc., are cracking down on businesses that consistently sell poor-quality products and keep getting bad reviews.”, says Jordan.

Also, Jordan says, you need a product that you can really profit from. This means having a product that lets you have a good margin per every sale. A healthy margin will allow you to escalate quicker by increasing your capacity for reinvestment in your ad strategy.

You need outstanding creatives

People use platforms for entertainment, not to purchase things, so your creatives need to be entertaining and be able to engage your audience.

“Unfortunately in today’s world, and especially when it comes to purchase decisions, people do judge a book by its cover, so (sometimes) a good creative can even save a mediocre product, but not the other way around”, says Jordan.

You need to be willing to improve your offer

Profitable escalation, Jordan believes, comes from good offers that increase your margin, this can be bundles, upsells, cross sells, subscription models, etc. A good agency that deals with your paid ad strategy will keep suggesting you new offers for your clients, so you need to keep an open mind and see things from your customers’ perspective.

Don’t be a slave of any social media platform

“Social media platforms are not evergreen, they can change their rules for advertising, change their algorithms, or simply shut down temporarily or definitely for any reason”, says Jordan.

You need to rely on more permanent channels to reach your clients in case social media stops working for you, and those are the good ol’ email and SMS marketing. An expert ad agency will always encourage you to build and keep an email and phone database with which you will be able to reach your customers whatever happens, and will also make these channels an integral part of your advertising strategy.

Paid advertising works

If you have a good product, a good margin and a good offer, you can be sure paid advertising can really take you to the next level.

“Either if this is your first experience with paid advertising, or if you have had disappointing results in the past for whatever reasons, you can trust that, with the right strategy, paid advertising can and will work for you.”, says Jordan Bazouzi.

In the past two years, Nu Reach Media has helped tenths of clients reach seven figures and consolidate their lead generation. If you wish to know more about their results or book an appointment with them, you can visit their website and Jordan’s Instagram.