What Was Wrong With Jamie Foxx? All The Reddit Debate

What Was Wrong With Jamie Foxx Reddit

Jamie Foxx was hospitalized due to a “medical complication.” What was wrong with Jamie Foxx’s Reddit? What is known about his health is as follows. He is recovering after what seems like a rather severe medical problem.

Jamie Foxx’s daughter Corinne Foxx wrote on Instagram on April 12, 2023, that her father had been hospitalized due to a “medical complication” and was now recovering.

Corinne informed fans on May 12 that her father had been “out of the hospital for weeks.” Then, on May 15, TMZ reported that Jamie was residing in a Chicago recovery center. Although grateful that Jamie seems to be alright, his fans are nevertheless worried about his health.

The Reddit debate over Jamie Foxx: What went wrong with him?

Corrine released a statement in April on behalf of the entire Foxx family, saying, “We wanted to communicate that my father, Jamie Foxx, encountered a medical problem yesterday. 

Thank goodness fast action and expert treatment are helping him heal. We appreciate your prayers and know he’s adored. Currently, the family wants discretion.

Although there were few facts provided concerning the actual medical problem, it is evident that the situation was quite serious. Jamie was nearly immediately able to undergo treatment and remained in the hospital as of May 3.

On May 23, Mike Tyson revealed on the PBD Podcast that, according to Page Six, Jamie had supposedly experienced a stroke. The reports haven’t been verified by Jamie’s family, though.

Rumors About Jamie Foxx Was Paralyzed and Blind.

There has been a lot of speculation over Jamie’s whereabouts. On May 30, a gossip journalist, A.J. Benza, said during Dr. Drew’s online show that Jamie had been “partially paralyzed and blind.” He asserted that Jamie experienced a blood clot in his head due to being coerced into receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

This rumor was “completely inaccurate,” according to Jamie’s team in June, NBC News reported. Social media nonetheless kept disseminating this rumor.

On May 12, his daughter Corinne provided the following significant update, claiming that her father had been “out of the hospital for weeks” and even playing pickleball.

Following a blood clot in his brain, rumors that Jamie Foxx is “partially paralyzed and blind” have caused a stir. As a result, Jamie Foxx is trending. On @DrDrew’s podcast, journalist AJ Benza claimed to have learned this information from a source “inside the room.”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on June 25, Jamie’s Dad Stop Embarrassing Me co-star Porscha Coleman stated that Jamie was “doing well.”

She remarked, “I detest that the media kept racing with the story of what was happening without having the correct information.

The actor Jamie’s co-star in They Cloned Tyrone, John Boyega, later revealed to People on June 27 that they had just spoken and Jamie was doing fine.

“He answered the phone at last. Boyega remarked to the reporter, “Thanks, buddy. He is doing fine. After that, we just give him some space and eagerly await his return.

John said, “I sent him my best wishes right away. I sent him my best wishes. I will, therefore, simply wait until he returns outside. Jamie, please take your time. We adore you, brother.

“[Jamie’s] doing amazing,” Datari Turner, who co-produced They Cloned Tyrone with Foxx, said simultaneously. I swear to you. Doing very well. 

He spoke with [Director] Juel [Taylor] yesterday. He spoke with John Boyega yesterday. He has a tremendous attitude and is in fantastic form. He’ll then appear again on the screen. He will shortly return to work.

However, People reported the day after interviewing John and Datari that insiders claimed Jamie is “still not himself” but is receiving the “best care” and is “working hard” to recover.

Fans Spotted Jamie Foxx

He even found and returned a woman’s lost bag; she later asked Jamie how he was doing, to which he answered, “I feel good.”

Oscar winner posted a car-riding photo of himself in Las Vegas on Instagram on July 20 to promote BetMGM. “Thankful for my @betmgm family and a fabulous Vegas two nights. He wrote in the post’s description that big things are coming.

Corinne wrote in an Instagram story the same day that showed her and her father sitting in the same automobile. Always so proud of you, Dad.

Is Jamie Foxx’s Hospitalisation PR?

Some people began wondering that the entire issue was a publicity gimmick as soon as word of the actor’s hospitalization began circulating for weeks. 

Jamie Foxx was taken directly to the hospital from the Atlanta set of his Netflix movie Back in Action. 

He’s got death rumors circulating and people believing he’s dead, and he can’t just say he’s okay? One of the tweets alleging the news was a PR trick read. That was just a PR gimmick if he’s okay.

According to a source knowledgeable about the actor’s condition, he “needs all the prayers and well-wishes his fans can muster.”

Foxx’s daughter recently reported that her father is doing well and recovering just a few days ago. A few pictures of Corrine Foxx attending the rehab facility appeared online quickly.

Jamie Foxx won’t host ‘Beat Shazam’ Season 6.

Jamie has hosted the Fox game show Beat Shazam. However, Season 6 is without him because filming was set to begin just before he was admitted to the hospital. Corinne, who played the DJ on the show, is also taking a sabbatical.

Deadline reported on May 15 that the Foxx family would co-host Beat Shazam and a new unscripted Fox game show in 2024 called We Are Family.

According to Page Six, Nick Cannon hosts Beat Shazam Season 6 while Kelly Osbourne is in the DJ booth. Fox’s sixth season debuted on May 23.

How is Jamie Foxx doing right now?

On May 2, Kevin Hart provided an update on Jamie Foxx’s health on the Impulsive podcast:

The cool thing is the improvement in his circumstances and everyone’s prayers, love, and energy.

Added Hart

The speaker stated, “There’s a lot of improvement and conditions are much better,” but lacked specifics.

For the first time since his “medical complication” in April, when he was sent to the hospital, Foxx spoke out earlier this week. Foxx posted on Instagram the following:

Thank you for the love, everyone! I feel blessed. That is the newest Instagram post from Jamie Foxx.

Doctors are running testing to figure out what happened while Foxx has been receiving medical care at a hospital in Georgia for more than three weeks.

Foxx was spotted filming “Back in Action” with Cameron Diaz the day before he was taken to the hospital. Production resumed utilizing his body double after a brief break while confined to the hospital bed.

While the actor is recovering, the game show “Beat Shazam,” which Foxx and Corinne co-hosted, started filming its newest season.