Where Is Missy Franklin Now?

Where Is Missy Franklin Now

Missy Franklin is the winner of five Olympic gold medals. She left swimming at age 23 owing to a persistent shoulder problem. Currently, she lives in the United States.

Franklin told the media she is still in awe of what swimming has taught her. 

Being a vocal supporter of and inspiring those around you are essential leadership skills. 

My favorite part of swimming was always being a part of a team.

She has recently shifted her focus from swimming training and competitions to philanthropic work with sponsors, running, yoga, barre, and wedding plans for September. 

Hayes Johnson, another swimmer, has proposed to Franklin.

Franklin held the record for the 200-meter backstroke. She had a shoulder injury. And she didn’t want to put herself in a position. 

She was at the top when she called it quits in December 2018. 

She wants to hold her children one day and not be in pain. Franklin has expressed excitement at the prospect of being a mother.

How did she make her way to this success?

Franklin’s drive to succeed was evident even as a little girl. 

They couldn’t be the ones to come into my room every morning and pull me out of bed to get to practice since the Olympics were my ambition, not theirs. 

Franklin reflected on his time as a professional athlete. It was her responsibility to set her alarm in the morning. She didn’t go to practice, which never happened because she knew it was her goal and commitment.

All parents got urged to find out what their kids were enthusiastic about and encourage them to pursue that. 

Don’t look for where your child has talent; look for where your child has passion. It is what Franklin believes. Finding something the kid enjoys and can develop skills in is important. That was a swim in my book.” 

She said the water made her happy. Meanwhile, she had the fattest smile in the water. At the 2012 Olympic Games, she celebrated her victory.

Franklin stressed the significance of keeping an open mind and working hard to realize your goals. She advised, “Aim as high as you can.” 

Do her injuries prevent her from swimming Now?

An Olympic medalist, Missy Franklin got immersed in her post-athletic life.

The 25-year-old former swimmer revealed that competitive swimming is largely in her past after retiring after winning an unprecedented four gold medals at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Missy told People she had had so many shoulder injuries that she could barely swim.

“I really can’t,” she told the media on October 21. To quote the injured party, her shoulders were so painful that she could hop in the pool and swim easily for 20 30 minutes. But that’s about all her old broken shoulders can handle now.

The second shoulder operation she required “never happened,” she said. 

Missy won her last gold medal at Rio Olympics. She announced her retirement in 2018. When asked if she plans to return and resume swimming, she said: “Absolutely not.”

She does not see herself returning to the water now. It’s the best thing for her physical or mental health. 

Missy, a former swimmer, and her husband have settled into a nice domestic routine. 

The couple recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary after being married in September 2019.

Her expression says what it’s like to love your best friend since this year has been the best of her life despite everything.

A parting thought: “At least we have each other,” she added. All I need is to fall asleep next to you every night and wake up close to you every morning. I wish you a joyous first anniversary, sweetheart. To the next hundred!”

The newlyweds have been spending more time together since the coronavirus pandemic, and Missy doesn’t seem to mind. 

She said, “Honestly, I am obsessed with my husband.”

She and his husband just feel so blessed. It’s because we’re optimistic people. The glass will never be half full, and we will get done everything we can to find the silver lining in any cloud.

Now she is working with the organization for specials. People to work on their dreams. 

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