Who Is Amanda Cerny? Some Surprising Facts That You Might Not Know About

Amanda Cerny

Do you know who Amanda Cerny is and what she does for a living? Discover how her fitness routine has inspired others and why she is an internet sensation in this article.

Many people became famous and found their careers due to the six-second video app named “Vine.” Some Vine artists have come from relative anonymity to acquire millions of followers. 

Because of Vine, some people have gotten record deals, as well as TV shows and film offers. Amanda Cerny was one of them. 

Who is Amanda Cerny?

Amanda Rachelle Cerny is an American-born actor, exotic model, and social media influencer with millions of followers on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. Amanda Cerny has gained a lot of fame through her Vine videos.

Who is Amanda Cerny?

Not only is Amanda funny, but she has also been working hard enough to reach the goals of being an influential person. She is a businesswoman with high aims and built a million-dollar business through partnerships with a number of brands. 

Amanda Cerny has good business terms with firms like Tinder, Guess Jeans, Paramount Pictures. Amanda has also worked with renowned brands such as Nike, Marc Jacobs, Guess, and others as a model. She is just unstoppable.

How old is Amanda Cerny?

Amanda Cerny was born on the 26th of June, 1991, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US. As of 2021, she is 30 years old.

A successful self-made celebrity with a social media following of more than 35 million people, Cerny is of Czech, German, and Italian origins. She was raised in South Florida.

Being a host of countless live music events, Amanda also studied acting in Miami Beach, where she landed modest roles in well-known films and television shows. Then, to pursue her acting career, she moved to Los Angeles and started acting full-time in 2011.

How old is Amanda Cerny

Apart from her incredible acting skills and talent, Amanda resumed her acting and improvisation classes at the United Citizens Brigade, as well as her stunt and weapon training.

Amanda began making her own video content on websites and apps like YouTube and Vine in order to expand her portfolio. She has learned to write, direct, edit, and produce content while flourishing in her career.

Amanda is a multi-talented woman who enjoys directing precisely like how she is good at acting. She has produced advertisements for Fortune 500 companies, directed and produced music videos, and acted in films and television shows. 

Amanda is no new to the modeling industry, having previously served as the face of GUESS in their global campaign of 2018. This is only the commencement of her spectacular career as an actor and businesswoman.

Although Amanda is blessed with beautiful curves and a pretty face, Cerny’s social media following increased naturally as a result of the high-quality skits and humorous content.

Personal Life

Amanda has always been interested in fitness since she was a child. Amanda spent considerable time practicing with her sisters and earned a black belt in karate because her mother owned Florida’s largest karate school.

Her parents were separated. As a result, she spent her early years with her mother, Amy, and siblings. She has an older sister, Samantha Cerny, a YouTube sensation, and a brother, Nick Bateman, an actor.

Amanda eventually relocated to Los Angeles with her sister Samantha to pursue an acting, modeling career.

Clean eating is a part of her healthy lifestyle. Amanda remains in shape by playing tennis, hiking, running for marathons, dancing, and actively participating in the extremely popular CERNYFIT hit training programs.

Amanda has been consuming a plant-based regimen for the past ten years. She likes being outside and traveling with her great followers, sharing happiness with her content online, and continually encouraging a mindset that does only good and sustainable lifestyle practices as a dendrophile.

Amanda Cerny’s Love Life

Amanda Cerny is in a happy relationship with Johannes Bartl. The duo began dating in the summer of 2017.  These two sweethearts show off their affection to their social media followers. Cerny and her lover Bartl have a lot of videos and pictures together on their Instagram accounts.

In the past, Amanda Cerny had dated a couple of men. She started dating a comedian Dane Cookin in 2011, and in 2015, she began dating YouTuber and Vine sensation King Batch. In July 2016, Justin Bieber and Cerny made news for their romance. 

Amanda Cerny’s Love Life

According to reports, Cerny got into the spotlight when she dated her fellow YouTuber Logan Paul in 2016. While they were dating, the pair frequently discussed their romance on the vlogs.

The two had quickly become fan favorites, and their relationship had developed into a solid relationship. They couldn’t stay together for long, though, and parted up after only a few months. Now, Amanda Cerny is content with her love life.

Amanda Cerny in India

In June 2018, Amanda Cerny came to India for an event, and there, she collaborated with Bhuvan Bam, who is a famous Indian YouTuber. The two reenacted the viral proposal scene from a Bollywood classic film, “Jis Des Mein Ganga Behti Hai.”

Amanda Cerny in India

People in India thought she resembled Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez. Amanda was invited to Bollywood by Jacqueline Fernandez, who commented on the photos of Bhuvan and Cerny.

She is inspired by Indian culture to the extent, and she posted several photos of herself wearing sarees and traditional Indian attires. Amanda Cerny has also seen posting about the Diwali festival.

Amanda Cerny on the Humanitarian Mission

Cosmo ME chatted with Amanda Cerny about the topics that were close to Amanda, such as feminism and activism. She was asked about her love for campaigning at the ITP UN Women ITP Live Conference in Dubai. 

Amanda Cerny has always been a great feminist. She promotes gender equality through her content too. Cerny had discussed in the past why having a female voice online is crucial, how content creators may support gender equality, and whether the internet experience of powerful males and females differs.

Giving to people’s causes has been essential for Amanda. She is involved in a variety of charitable endeavors. She is not only good at heart, but she also has huge ambitions to change the world for the better. Helping others in need is her favorite thing to do.

Amanda Cerny on the Humanitarian Mission

Amanda Cerny contributes to humanitarian causes such as the education of children, environmentalism, animal protection, etc. She has an evident enthusiasm to make a difference in the World.

She is the founder of the Play Foundation. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching children from all over the world how to play musical instruments. She spent a lot of her time with children who needed education.

Her compassionate personality and love for nature are undeniable. Amanda has not only raised her voice for the problems in the US, but she also cares about the issues that are going worldwide. 

Since Amanda Cerny has gained a large amount of recognition in India for her outspoken persona, Amanda tweeted about India’s farmer’s protest. She supported farmers and urged Indian celebrities to raise their voices against injustice.

Amanda Cerny as UN Ambassador

Amanda becomes a UN Ambassador; despite the fact that she is pretty famous for her provocative photos and videos on social media, she is now doing something better for the World.

In 2019, Amanda Cerny was appointed as a UN Wildlife Ambassador, and she claims that her bond with them grew over time. Cerny also claims to have been assisting small businesses in their efforts to develop and better reach consumers.

Amanda Cerny as UN Ambassador

Amanda has completed various significant initiatives thus far, including the “Wild For Life” campaign, which raised public awareness of dugongs, an endangered relative of manatees.

Amanda Cerny is an Exceptional Source of Motivation

With an estimated net worth of $8million, Amanda Cerny is accomplishing just that, but she didn’t get there overnight. She has worked tirelessly to achieve what she has now. Cerny will continue to win people’s hearts with her light-hearted content and beautiful aesthetics. As she says:

“My goal is to make people smile and laugh and is almost a form of escapism. It definitely pushed me into creating more and working even harder just to make people smile, even in times like these.”

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