Who Is Charles Bronson And When Will He Be Released?

Who is Charles Bronson and when will he be released

The question “Who is Charles Bronson and when will he be released” is surfacing all over social media.

Charles Bronson, originally named Michael Gordon Peterson, underwent multiple identity changes throughout his life. He adopted the name Charles Bronson in 1987 when he pursued a career in bare-knuckle fighting after being released from prison. 

He now prefers to be called Charles Arthur Salvador as a tribute to his favorite artist Salvador Dali, but he will always be known to the public as Charles Bronson.

Bronson’s notorious reputation includes being labeled “Britain’s most violent prisoner” and “Britain’s most notorious prisoner.” 

He has spent time in some of Britain’s most prominent psychiatric hospitals, including Rampton, Broadmoor, and Ashworth. 

Despite his criminal past, he has established a foundation to help those less fortunate and has even won awards for his artwork.

A new Channel 4 documentary, “Bronson: Fit to Be Free?” examines whether Bronson can be released from prison. 

However, his release date remains uncertain, although he hopes to end his life sentence at a public parole hearing in March 2023. Bronson’s solicitor, Dean Kingham, has written to Justice Secretary Dominic Raab, requesting a free pardon, citing evidence that Bronson’s risk of violence has significantly decreased.

As someone ages 70, the risk of violence decreases to zero, and the parole board regularly releases convicted murderers based on a reduction of risk. 

While Bronson’s legacy may be plagued by his violent past, it remains to be seen if he will be given a chance for freedom.

Charles Bronson- Is he still in jail?

Charles Bronson is incarcerated at HM Prison Woodhill in Buckinghamshire but frequently expresses his desire to be released. 

In 2022, he stated that he hoped to make it out for Christmas and was confident he would eventually leave prison alive.

Although Bronson has continued to exhibit violent behavior, albeit less frequently, since 1999, he has also explored his creative side by writing poetry, creating artwork, and penning his autobiography, “Loonyology: In My Own Words.” His artistic pursuits have earned him 11 Koestler Trust Awards, and in 2010, some of his art was displayed at the Angel tube station on the London Underground.

However, the display sparked controversy, with The National Victims’ Association questioning why Bronson’s art should be showcased. Eventually, his art was removed from the area.

Ronnie Kray, a notorious English gangster, purchased several of Bronson’s pictures, and some of them were auctioned off to raise money for the treatment of a child with cerebral palsy. 

Bronson hopes that showcasing his artwork will demonstrate his ability to earn an income and secure his release from prison.

Why was Charles Bronson sent to prison?

In 1974, at the age of 22, Charles Bronson was sentenced to seven years in Walton Gaol for armed robbery. However, after refusing to work and causing destruction in prison, he was given an additional 6-month sentence.

Bronson was often confined to solitary confinement due to his multiple offenses. In one instance, he attacked a fellow prisoner with a glass jug, resulting in a transfer to Armley Gaol and an extended sentence.

From 1975 to 1977, he was moved between several different prisons, including Parkhurst, where he befriended the Kray twins. Due to his frequent altercations, he was eventually sent to the Parkhurst psychiatric wing, then later to Broadmoor in 1978 after attacking staff and attempting suicide.

Bronson continued to cause trouble with rooftop protests and an 18-day hunger strike, leading to a transfer to Ashworth Hospital in 1984. 

Over the years, he was transferred eight more times and received additional time added to his sentence for violence against others.

Charles Bronson, Britain’s most notorious prisoner, has spent 48 years behind bars and is now awaiting a public parole hearing. 

The hearing, scheduled for March 6 and 8, will determine whether Bronson, who is now 70 years old, should remain in prison.

Bronson’s life of crime began in 1974 when he was sentenced to seven years in prison for armed robbery. His violent behavior continued in prison, resulting in him being transferred between facilities and receiving additional sentences. 

He was released twice but quickly returned to prison for further criminal activity.

Throughout his 43 years of incarceration, Bronson has been moved 120 times and has become well-known for his violent outbursts and rooftop protests. 

Despite this, some members of the public argue that he has served his time and deserves a chance at freedom, while others express concern about his violent history.

In preparation for the parole hearing, Bronson has expressed his desire for freedom, saying that he can already “smell and taste freedom” like never before. 

He claims to be focused and settled and hopes that he can prove his ability to maintain an income if he is released.

Bronson is believed to be imprisoned at maximum security HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. 

The upcoming parole hearing will determine whether he will finally be released from prison or remain behind bars for the rest of his life.

Who is Prisoner Charles Bronson’s wife?

At age 20, Charles Bronson tied the knot with Irene Kelsey in 1972, and their marriage ended in divorce four years later, in 1976. However, Bronson went on to marry twice while serving time in prison.

His first prison marriage was to Saira Ali in 2001, but this union didn’t last.

Bronson’s second prison marriage was to Paula Williamson in 2017. Williamson, an actress who had appeared in popular TV shows such as Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, Scott, and Bailey and Emmerdale, began writing to Bronson in prison in 2013. The couple got married in November 2017.

Sadly, Paula Williamson was found dead in July 2019 at her home in Sneyd Green. She was 38 years old then, and her marriage to Bronson was due to be annulled as she had begun a relationship with someone else. 

According to reports, Paula had been out with friends the night before and was discovered dead on her sofa the following morning by her boyfriend.

An autopsy report revealed that there were traces of various substances in her blood, including several medications, cocaine, and alcohol. 

It was concluded at the inquest that the combination of these substances led to her death. The official cause of death was recorded as multiple drug toxicity.

Charles Bronson is not married and remains incarcerated at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

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