Who Is Fivio’s Girlfriend? Controversies And On-Off Status Unfolded

Fivio Girlfriend Jasmine Giselle

It appears that Fivio is currently in a relationship with Jasmine Giselle, who is also the mother of his two children, and the couple has been together for a long time. 

Their relationship seemed to be stable until recently when they started to make headlines owing to their volatile relationship status.

While fans initially supported the pair’s union, controversies surrounding their on-and-off relationship kept arising which caused many of them to question Fivio’s behavior.

It remains to be seen how this story will evolve, and if the couple is able to resolve any issues,s they may encounter along the way.

In November of last year, Fivio Foreign sealed a one million Dollar record deal with Columbia Records, in tandem with American rapper Mase’s label RichFish Records. 

His successful partnership continued in the relationship he shares with Jasmine Giselle, the lucky lady who is blessed to be part of his life. She is the CEO of “Kehlani Kloset,” a renowned clothing store that sells dresses, jeans, skirts, and sets. 

Together they form a loving family, having welcomed two children in 2021. As eminent parents that they are, sharing moments together with their kids is what Giselle and Fivio value most in life.

Despite the intense speculation that followed, neither Jasmine nor Five ever confirmed or denied their relationship publicly. 

In fact, both of them maintained a mysterious silence regarding their private life, refusing to comment on any rumors. This silence only intensified media interest and kept the couple’s story in the public eye for much longer than it would ordinarily have.

Although much mystery still surrounds the relationship between Jasmine and Five, it remains clear that the pair made an effort to keep their love affair private for as long as possible.

He clarified that he would never misbehave around a pregnant lady, especially his girlfriend. Five said, “His girlfriend would murder him if he tried to harm her,” supporting his claim.

About Jasmine Giselle

Jasmine Giselle is one of the few people who can understand what her celebrity boyfriend is going through. Despite the difficulties they face in their relationship, she remains at his side as an unwavering support system. 

While it’s difficult to learn much about Jasmine since she prefers to keep her scrutiny within her own realm, it is known that she owns and operates her own clothing store, Kehlani Kloset. 

This enterprising spirit has made Jasmine an admired figure among those in the know, a fellow businessperson behind one of today’s biggest stars.

Kehlani Kloset, owned by Jasmine Foreign, is a fashion-forward apparel company offering a wide selection of clothing items for sale. 

From sophisticated bodysuits to party dresses, and cute hoodies to bikini sets, her products are sought after for their quality and style. 

Fivio’s recent controversy

Recently, Fivio Foreign has been making headlines due to his viral presence on social media. 

As such, it came as no surprise when the popular American rapper recently found himself under yet another story after an exchange with fellow rapper Asian Doll on Twitter

After appearing in the Fresh and Fit show, Asian Doll criticized Fivio Foreign’s actions and responded with a now-deleted tweet, leaving fans wondering what had transpired between the two artists. 

Subsequently, Fivio Foreign cleared up any confusion by tweeting that nothing was going on between him and Asian Doll as he is already in a relationship and simply regards her as a friend.

Fivio Foreign and Asian Doll have been teasing the public with suggestions of a music collaboration for some time.

However, when foreign got too intimate with Doll in a TikTok video, it appears to have caused some tension with his girlfriend and baby’s mother, Jasmine Giselle.

Detailing the incident, the footage was provided to Jasmine who claimed that Fivio was attempting to humiliate her in front of the public. 

This could very well be the reason why his latest tweet suggested she is his only friend remaining – though followers are still anticipating that he may make a proposal soon enough!

Jasmine has already verbally insulted Fivio, so it’s not new. She expressed regret for spreading untrue claims that the “City of Gods” rapper’s XXX video history was predominately made up of gay p*rn searches back in September.

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