Justin Qualley: Andie MacDowell’s Son Life Aspects That You Didn’t Know Before

Justin Qualley

Justin Qualley who is also well known because of his mother Andie MacDowell was born in Los Angeles, California.

Justin Qualley’s mother’s name is Andie MacDowell and their father’s name is Paul Qualley, who is the ex-husband of Justin’s mother Andie MacDowell.

3 children were born to Justin Qualley’s parents and Justin is the eldest of them. It can also be said that Justin Qualley has proved to be the most wonderful son out of his siblings.

Justin Qualley was born in a household in which both his mother and father were included in Hollywood’s A-list of those days.

Later, Justin Qualley’s sisters also did very bold roles in the industry, making their mother their role model.

Instead of sisters, Justin paid more attention to other roles of acting in the Hollywood film industry. It can also be said that most of the time Qualley’s sisters are in the news and the character of Justin Qualley is often lost from the public eye.

Justin Qualley Age, Nationality and Birth Year

34 years old Justinborn in 1986, his full name is Justin Qualley and he is American National. Apart from this, Justin Qualley’s ethnicity is white and he has also worked as a real estate agent.

As mentioned earlier, in the turn of Justin Qualley’s parents, he is the son of Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley. When it comes to family, it is also important to mention Justin’ Qualley’s siblings.

Justin Qualley Siblings, Parents And Social Media

Justin Qualley has two sisters and both of them have made a name for themselves in the industry with their beauty and fierce fandom. Justin Qualley’s one sister’s name is Rainey Qualley and their second sister’s name is Margaret Qualley and both of them are also very famous as Qualley Sisters.

Justin Qualley is more active on social media and on the platform of Instagram and lets us also tell you his official Instagram handle which is @justinqualley.

Apart from this, Justin Qualley often runs away from the media and he does not like to come in limelight much. And, Justin Qualley spends most of his time enjoying his personal life away from the media spotlight.

Justin Qualley’s fans get to know him more via his social media and Justin rarely goes in public. Despite knowing that very little information about Justin Qualley is available, we have done special research on this celebrity and have brought these facts for you.

What Date Is Justin Qualley’s Birthday?

As we have already told you Justin Qualley’s birth year is 1986. But you do not know the official birth date of Justin Qualley yet, so let’s also tell you this. The birthday of Justin Qualley, born in the month of August 1986, is the 14th of August.

Where Are Justin Qualley’s Grand Parents From?

Justin Qualley’s parents are American but his grandparents belong to different regions from English countries. Justin Qualley’s grandparents, living in Ireland, England and France, sent their children to the free breeze of the United States Of America.

Justin Qualley’s Grand Mother and Andie MacDowell’smom got addicted to alcohol due to some disease and became very addicted to it.

At the time of Justin Qualley’s birth, Andie MacDowell’s condition was very bad

Andie MacDowell, Justin’s mother revealed this in front of the media on his 35th birthday. Andie Macdowell told that she was in a very difficult health condition at the time of Justin Qualley’s birth.

Justin’s mother said that she is very happy that Justin has seen 35 happy years of his life. On her Instagram account, she issued this message, in which she wrote a long message about her love for Justin Qualley.

Justin’s mother Andie MacDowell’s movie GroundHog proved the fact that after Justin’s birth, she was engrossed only in taking care of her son.

Andie MacDowell told more that when she found out that she was pregnant with Justin, she was 27 years old and was living in New York.

And she had to face a lot of trouble and difficulty during pregnancy, which was a completely new experience for her.

This news was also very happy for her that she is going to become a mother of a son but she was also confused due to being new in the showbiz industry.

Then Andie Macdowell decided that she went with that thing which she was fond of from the beginning and she preferred becoming a mother over her career.

Justin Qualley’s mother said that this was the period when people did not treat a working woman very well to take care of the children.

Justin Qualley’s mother – Andie Macdowell was one of Hollywood’s top actresses

Justin’s mother made her Hollywood debut in 1984 with the film Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan. After this, her second hugely successful movie was Lord of the Apes. Justin Qualley’s mother Andie MacDowell got heroin roles in most of the intimate films which she did very heartily

Andie received many awards for these films including Sex, Videotape and Lies. Justin’s mother also got the Emerging Best Actress Award after the success of these films.

Her biggest success can be said to be her nomination for the Best Actress Award at the Golden Globe Awards.

In addition to giving Hollywood many great films, Justin’s mother continued her affiliation on the commercial surface for years. Andie Macdowell has worked with brands like L’Oreal and Calvin Klein for more than 3 decades.

Some Interesting Facts About Justin Qualley’s Sisters

Justin’s sister Margaret Qualley is a wonderful actress and she has the privilege that she has also been nominated for Emmy Awards. Let us also tell you the full name of this sister of Justin Qualley, Sarah Margaret Qualley.

Before marriage, Justin’s sister Margaret had always been adamant about becoming a model.

Born in 1994, Margaret Qualley is now a prolific model and actress, and she started her career in 2013 with a drama film in Palo Alto.

She then appeared in myriad movies and gained fame through her splendid performances. Margaret has a relationship history and currently, she is in a relationship with Jack Antonoff who is a record producer, instrumentalist, and songwriter. 

Justin’s other sister Rainey Qualley has made her debut in 2012. Rainey owns beauty like her mother and sister and has been crowned the title of Miss Golden Globe in the year of 2012.

Following the footsteps of other family members, she is also associated with the showbiz industry. But she is not likely to gain fame similar to her sister.

Rainey has appeared in different shows and movies as a guest appearance. She has also written songs and recorded them in collaboration with Twin Shadow.

All about Justin Qualley’s Parents

Justin Qualley is a star kid of famous Actress Andie Mac Dowell and Paul Qualley. His parents met when Paul was acting as a model for GAP advertisements services. The love blew them and they started their relationship. 

Andie and Paul married in 1986 and they both have 3 children Justin Qualley, Margaret Qualley and Rainey Qualley. Being associated with Andie, Paul got different opportunities in modeling career.

Things didn’t turn good for both of them, and they later divorced in 1999. Paul has not remarried but Andie came in relationships. 

Justin’s father Paul Qualley has Norweighein origin. He has attractive looks and chose modeling as his early career.

He later performed in a few TV commercials and ads. Getting married to Andie MacDowell gave a boom to Paul’s career and fame. Unfortunately, this fame is no more.

He is neither the husband of famous Andie MacDowell nor is in a modeling career. He has left his modeling career as he did not enjoy it a lot. He switched his career to business.

Paul lives in Montana and holds a ranching business there. There is no such news in media about his remarriage or any other relationship.

Justin’s mother Andie MacDowell is a distinguished name in the showbiz industry. Andie has a fan following from all around the world. She has been a top-rated actress and model of her time.

Andie has won several accolades and loves her profession and family a lot. She has remarried Rhett Hartzog after her separation from Paul. But this marriage also came to an end and they got divorced after three years of their marriage.

Andie is still in the acting profession and doing an astounding job while working on some amazing projects.

Although, Justin’s parents are not together anymore, still, Justin and his sisters share a strong and beautiful bond with their parents. 

Justin Qualley’s Net Worth

It is mentioned earlier as well that Justin Qualley is in the real estate business. According to resources, he is doing well in that and makes a good amount of earnings.

Approximately, Justin makes $92,308 earning. He has also invested his earnings in good places to earn more and get himself secure.  If we talk about his mother’s net worth position, then it’s a good amount.

Andie MacDowell owns net assets worth $25 million dollars. And, his father Paul Qualley holds net assets valuing $100,000 dollars.

Justin Qualley leads a pleasant life in California. He has appeared in media functions along with his celebrity family of mother and sisters. Yet, he keeps his life private and feels happy in that.

We hope that mentioned is the desired information we have provided to you about Justin Qualley.

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