Who Is Tamika Pratt In All American? The Fictional Tale Focusing On Police Brutality

Who Is Tamika Pratt In All American

In February 2020, going in advance the U.S. went into privacy, before George Floyd’s killing, All American showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll pitched a story to her authors’ room about a young Black lady named Tamika Pratt who was found sleeping in her vehicle and who was then shot and killed by police. 

Over a year after the fact, on Monday, that story was broadcast. 

“This was consistently a storyline we planned to do,” Carroll tells EW. “As a mother of two youthful Black young men, I have a great deal of torment and uneasiness around this subject, so I emptied everything into the content, seeking divine intervention that with all that happened the previous summer and with the political race and with the extremely open civil rights arousing that this nation appeared to have, it seemed like, perhaps gullibly so for my purposes, it seemed like there was a shift occurring. My expectation was that when we got to this storyline that what I’d fight the most is that it would feel obsolete.”

Tamika Pratt

The Real Story of Tamika

All American’ is a TV series that values the existence of Black youngsters. 

The show is inspired by the simple games of Spencer Paysinger, an expert American football player. 

It is now in its third season and has set the web buzzing with conversations around the 11th scene. 

In the situation named ‘The Bigger Picture,’ the game’s dramatization features the connection between police and the Black people group through Tamika Pratt’s killing. 

In case you are interested to know who Tamika is and what exists to her, you are exactly where you should be! 

Who Is Tamika Pratt in All American? 

Tamika Pratt is a young Black lady gunned down around the police when taking a nap in her car. 

One of the executive characters in the series, Olivia, is especially shaken by this episode since her games might have ended up resembling Tamika’s had she not been the little girl of Laura Fine-Baker. 

Laura is a White lady and the District Attorney of Los Angeles County. What hits Olivia hard is the separation in the treatment she and Tamika got from the police. 

You might remember that Olivia gets into an auto crash in the eighth scene of season 3. 

She is inebriated. However, the cops drive her home when they realize who her mom is. 

Tamika was not offered a similar tolerance. We discover that the young lady was additionally moved but decided to rest instead of driving any further. 

Shockingly, she loses her life at any price because a cop shoots her. 

Olivia chooses to discuss the foul play allotted to Tamika in her digital recording, which snowballs into the ‘Equity for Tamika’ development. 

In the track of the homicide of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, a few TV shows centralized the Black Lives Matter development, essential discrimination, and police officers. 

However, you would be shocked to realize that the showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll had pitched Tamika Pratt’s storyline to the authors in March 2020, preceding the terrible Floyd occurrence that shook the country. 

In a meeting with Entertainment Weekly, Carroll said they doubtlessly contained this storyline since it comes from a real fear of genuine people. 

Being a mother of two young Black and young men, Carroll spilled her guts into the content. 

She said, “I expected that when we got to this storyline than what I’d fight the most was that it would feel obsolete.” 

Moreover, the 11th scene broadcasted at a crucial and disastrous point on schedule considering the political discomfort in the USA. 

On April 20, 2021, one more Black teenager, Ma’Khia Bryant, was legally shot by the police in Columbus, Ohio. 

This specific episode happened just thirty minutes preceding Derek Chauvin being communicated guilty in the official courtroom for the homicide of George Floyd. 

Carroll said, ” it will feel like I composed it last week, and that makes me extremely upset since it implies we haven’t made the positive progress that I was trusting.” 

Who Killed Tamika? 

Tamika’s storyline repeats that of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, or other African-American people. 

The young lady is said to have been shot by a cop while she was sleeping. 

The story appears to fit with ongoing news as Derek Chauvin, the official responsible for George Floyd’s passing, was sentenced to 22 years in jail for his crime. 

In any case, the thought, an impression of ethical crime and police biases in the US, was pitched well before the outrage. 

Addressing TV Guide in April 2021, showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll said that she had contributed the storyline in March 2020. Two months before George Floyd’s life was taken. 

“I don’t have a clue how I feel honestly because these have been truly challenging scenes to compose, and to shoot, and to be drenched in and altering, while likewise being a parent of youthful Black children,”.

She added: ” it’s a unique little thing where we highly esteem the show being a bona fide depiction of what youth, and particularly Black youth, in America go through — both the hardships and the delight.” 

“Be that as it may, this is somewhat one of those occasions where you nearly wish it had felt obsolete.”

Justice for Tamika” in All American

Similar to real occasions, the passing of Tamika Pratt creates an unexpected disturbance. 

This starts when Olivia discusses her killing on her digital broadcast, horrified by the absence of criticism following Tamika’s death.

Finally, Olivia goes significantly further. Frightened at the way that the cop’s body cam film hasn’t been delivered and accepting it would guarantee the official’s capture for Tamika’s passing, she hacks into her mom’s PC. 

She proceeds to post the bodycam film showing how Tamika kicked the bucket. 

This rapidly clears a path for the Justice for Tamika development, which requires capturing the official responsible for the young lady’s killing.