Why Entrepreneurs Should Make Traveling A Priority

Why Entrepreneurs Should Make Traveling A Priority?

Entrepreneurs need to explore. You cannot be stuck in a job mentality that you are just sitting all day and expect to fly like an eagle; you have to think beyond what you know to get ahead.

Traveling teaches you important lessons and reinforces your skills that directly translate into effectiveness as an entrepreneur. Traveling is a strategic investment to be an entrepreneur that will take you beyond any class; nothing compares to real life learning and experience.

It’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t go as planned, but when this becomes normal, you learn how to make the most of what you have at your disposal.

China tourism is already in the spotlight of any entrepreneur. The Asian giant is the second world power after the United States and aspires to become the industrial and technological leader. Until now, China was known as “the great factory in the world”, but its ambitious plan “Made in China 25” goes much further.

The aim of the Chinese authorities is to promote technological development in 10 strategic sectors: information technology, robotics, aeronautics, marine engineering, high-performance trains, non-polluting vehicles, electricity, agricultural machinery, new materials and advanced medical devices.

If the forecasts of the Chinese authorities are met, the country could become the first world power within 10 years. Its trajectory suggests this: the most populous nation in the world, with 1,345 million inhabitants, has already managed to reduce poverty from 98% to 37%. Although there are inequalities and disadvantaged areas, most of the population today enjoys a good standard of living and is willing to consume.

Open your mind to more possibilities: When you travel to China, it seems to open your mind to new possibilities. Imagine what would happen if you expose yourself to new ways of doing business, new people, new cultural traditions, new foods and new ways of seeing life.

You’ll have creative inspiration that can help you create innovative solutions. And the world needs more ways of thinking that do not adhere to traditional standards in order to continue evolving.

Places of interest, The Great Wall Of China: Among the different sectors of the Great Wall of China that you can visit near Beijing on your tourist trip to China, Simatai is the one that is furthest from the capital.

In addition, it is the sector whose visit is also the most physically demanding. But also in Simatai is where you can enjoy the Great Wall tour in its most original state, a true relic.

How to get to Simatai? Great Wall tour in the Simatai sector is 140 kilometers away from Beijing. Although your visit is not what is usually contemplated in organized trips to China, there are agencies that offer it.

What to see in Simatai? The Great Wall tour in Simatai is divided into two sectors, east and west, separated by Lake Mandarin Duck, which is crossed by a suspension bridge.

On the east side, the wall runs like a snake over the top of the mountains, at an average height above sea level of about 1,000 meters.

The Great Wall tour through Simatai is considered to be the hardest in Great Wall tourism, and if you want to reserve energy, you have the possibility of using a cable car to climb to the top of the mountain and then start touring it.

As many people have not had occasion to visit the Simatai sector, to know what the excursion is like on the east side of Simatai and also to see different photos, travelers recommend reading the experience of a those who have visited this sector of the Great Wall in Simatai.

In the trekking, through this part of the Great Wall you can go through twelve watchtowers. Here you have information to know-how are the day trips for hiking on the Great Wall in Simatai, which you can hire in Beijing, even in the same hotel.


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