Why Successful People Believe They Are Better Than Others

Why Successful People Believe They Are Better Than Others?

Let’s take a brief look at the big businessmen of today. Jack Ma began his professional career taking foreigners on his bike, traveling up to 70 miles. Amancio Ortega started working as a salesman for a local shirt manufacturer. Jawed Karim, the founder of YouTube, immigrated to the United States in search of a better life. Jeff Bezos had a complicated childhood with the divorce family drama.

What do all these characters have in common?

That its principles are humble, far from the elites and the upper classes of society, that’s why possibly they have come to lead the largest companies in the world. Starting from the bottom of the pyramid provides them with empathy with their workers, essential to be a good leader. Also, they lack an excess of confidence, another key to not ruin your business.

Individuals who see themselves as in a higher social class will in general have a misrepresented conviction that they are more skilled than their similarly fit lower class partners, as per research distributed in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Preferences create benefits:

All things considered, those conceived at privileged levels will stay in the privileged, and high salary business visionaries will begin lopsidedly from accomplished and wealthy families,” said Dwindle Belmi, Ph.D. College of Virginia and lead creator of the examination. “Our examination recommends that social class shapes the frames of mind individuals have about their capacities and that, thusly, has significant ramifications for how class progressive systems are sustained starting with one age then onto the next.”

The researchers conducted a test with people of different social classes, those of the upper social class thought they did better than others; however, when the researchers examined the actual performance, it was not the case. According to Belmi, this overconfidence may be due to differences in values ​​between the middle class and the working class.

The upper classes socialize to differentiate themselves from others and to express confidence in their ideas, even when they lack precise knowledge. On the contrary, working class people socialize to embrace the values ​​of humility, authenticity and knowing your place in the hierarchy. And you, which of the two streams do you prefer to be?

The best tip to create your own brand:

You must be close to your clients because it is through this most intimate space where you can be in contact with them, listen to their tastes and their opinions. As a result of this interaction, we understand what they are looking for and what we should offer them. Listen and offer what they want, never get out of that way.

The DNA of the brand must breathe inside the team, if the customer service team has profiles according to the tone of the brand or marketing values ​​related to it, we will have a lot of livestock. The figure of the guardian of the brand, someone who ensures that the promise and the values ​​of the brand are coherent over time, often the entrepreneur cannot assume this role because he is focused on other things.


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