William Downie Shares his Approach to Effectively Managing Work and Life

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William Downie

William Downie thrives when he can be of service to others and make a positive impact on how people view themselves and the world around them.

A spiritual door of recovery has opened in his life, bringing out his true altruistic and empathetic personality. This is the result of living a sober lifestyle based on the 12-step principles.

He is a firm believer that his higher power has and continues to give him amazing things in his life so that he can strive to be of maximal service to others. He’s always willing to tell his own story so that others may be the best versions of themselves that they can be.

William Downie practices progress, not perfection, as well as the principles of honesty, willingness, and openness in all his affairs. He utilizes both his past experiences and the strength and hope that he has acquired from being active in recovery to add value and positivity to all aspects of this life.

He believes in taking care of himself and enjoys playing recreational beach volleyball and running. He’s currently training for a marathon that he will be completing with his sister in February of 2022. He is very involved in service commitments that he participates in as a result of being highly active in 12-Step programs.  He is a loving son, brother, and “Uncle Will” to his niece and nephew.

Being in recovery, he has connected with the spiritual aspects of life. He leans on a higher power of his understanding to help guide him down his path, doing the next right thing and humbly reminding him to always have acceptance and to be grateful for the second chance at life that he has been given.

We interviewed William Downie where he shared everything from how he manages an effective balance between work and life to how he motivates a team to get superior results.

How do you motivate your team for outstanding results?

When I am working in a team, I always strive to lead by example. If I can demonstrate to others that I can achieve outstanding results by always practicing fearless, solution-oriented thinking and then actually doing the necessary actions myself, I feel it positively spreads to other members of my team.

I don’t hold anyone’s hand unless they ask for help or guidance. In those situations, I happily oblige and offer productive guidance as thoroughly and beneficially as I can.

How do you handle difficult clients, customers, or coworkers?

I have learned to always remember that this world is full of people who are suffering yet trying to be happy. Although, sometimes they are very unskillful at accomplishing it.

If I put myself in other peoples’ shoes, I can better understand their frustrations and/or extreme demands of me.  This enables me to practice patience and tolerance and be the most effective version of myself that I can be while being mindful of my personal and professional boundaries.

Tell us about a skill you taught yourself. How did you go about learning?

When I was in my late teenage years, I taught myself how to snowboard. I had tried skiing and snowboarding on trips before and enjoyed both activities but was not good at either of them!

I skateboarded from a young age and decided to carry that skill set into teaching myself how to snowboard. My first few attempts did not go well and were painful experiences. However, after taking suggestions from my friends who were better snowboarders than myself, and then practicing those suggestions repeatedly over and over, I finally was able to learn the muscle memory and skills necessary to successfully snowboard down black diamonds out west.

To this day, it is my favorite outdoor sporting activity besides running and is an incredible way to connect with friends and family who enjoy the sport as well.

Can you share your personal approach to managing an effective balance between life and work?

A balance between life and work starts and ends with my spiritual condition. If I am healthy from a spiritual aspect, I am better able to stay in the present and remember to focus on doing the next right thing.

I always start my day by making my bed followed by hitting my knees and praying that God helps direct my energies so that I may be of best service to others. With a clear spiritual mindset and being humble, willing, and honest, I can stay more focused at work, always remembering that a lot can be done in five minutes.

I set limits to how many hours a week I will work. I get up early before work to run, and have my meetings pre-planned and scheduled out at least a week in advance to make sure my priorities always stay where they need to be.

My personal and professional well-being is contingent upon the collaboration between my spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. Without one leg of the triangle working, the other two legs can’t hold anything up!

How do you manage your workflow effectively?

I have built structured, well-disciplined routines into my productive energies.

When I get to work, I follow a simple series of steps to make sure I always start my day off on the correct footing. This includes task-by-task day-flow organization and connecting with other members of my team. After weighing out which work requires my most immediate attention, I dive in.

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