Wisconsin Badgers Volleyball Leak Photos & Video Viral On Telegram.

Wisconsin Badgers Volleyball Leak

Wisconsin Badgers Volleyball Leak photos and videos have been circulating all over the internet since 19th October 2022. People who didn’t know about the leak wanted to know what was the Wisconsin Volleyball team leak story. 

Wisconsin women athletes are shocked after knowing that their private images and videos are saved on everyone’s phones. Laura Schumacher was one of the members of Wisconsin student-athletes. 

Her video was also leaked, and people started to search for her. Her videos have attracted people, and they said that if anyone sees her, “he will fall in love with her.”

How Did Wisconsin Badgers Volleyball Photos Get Leak?

On 20th October, Wisconsin players were scheduled for a match with Michigan. Twenty-four hours before the match, social media was loaded with Wisconsin women-athletes leaks. 

By the looks of images and videos, they were not captured recently. The video and images were captured on Dec 2021, when the Wisconsin women’s team won their big national win against Nebraska. 

After realizing the situation, the players complained to the Wisconsin police department. Police knowing the situation, initiated an urgent investigation. 

The police are unaware of the person who leaked the sensitive images and videos. The leak got viral on social media, and the police could not trace the person who initiated the leak. 

Later, the police found that the account from which the leak first began was itsfunnydude11. The images and video were leaked on Reddit, but his account was suspended shortly. 

However, the images and videos went viral, and they were shared on different social media platforms, including telegram. While searching for itsfunnydude11 on Reddit, it was known that his account was still suspended. 

But itsfunnydude11 went on Twitter with the same username and leaked the images and videos. Police are insured whether itsfunnydude11 is the culprit behind the leak as the police are still investigating. 

The person behind the account, itsfunnydude11, is not found. But, the police are sure to arrest the culprit very soon and implement the required charges for committing a violation of child protection. 

Where Are The Wisconsin Student-Athletes Now?

After the leaks, the police department was questioned by the press to share details about the leaks, which officer Marc Lavicott denied. He said it is better to keep the details of the leak confidential. 

He said the police and Wisconsin University are supporting their female athletes and giving them all the resources to focus on their goals and not ruin themselves. 

The players showed up in the match with Michigan, where they won. The players showed incredible courage to come out in public and win the game while ignoring the taunts. 

On social media, some people say that the player should stop playing and do OnlyFans as this would give them more money. Some people also say, “weren’t the players aware that what they are shooting can get leaked?

Despite the criticism, the police and Wisconsin are supporting their players. Some players have also been reported to take therapy. 

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